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Roster and Assignments

course email:

CRN 20198 Section 03 Tuesday, Thursday 12:45 – 2:10 in M310

NameParty IntroPos 1Pos 2Pos 3Party
LaurynJustice For People Party ngender pay gap lcrim justice nfoster care nyyyy/
XavierPeople First Party n* crime lmin wage n sports gambling nynnn/
JordynRealitics ywomen y* college costs* incarcerationyyyyy
CodiUnited Voice of the People ymin wage yeducation ywomen yyny/y
HarryCashonomic Party yeducation yenvironment /health care nyyyyy
JessicaFreedom Ringers ypet abuse ydeath penalty ywelfare social nyynny
JohneciaEquitable Party yeducation nhomeless & hungry nfood & health nlnyyy
HenryettaCommon Sense Party nhealth care neducation neco & env nnnyn/
JustinClassic Party ymin wage leducation nwomen's rights nyyy/y
BrockPeople Over Everything Party yabortion /pet abuse /death penalty /yyyyy
EdIndependence Party yimmigration ydrugs nguns nyynn/
BobSay No More Party ycrime ydrugs nwar & weapons nyyyy/
JamesEqual Opportunity Party l* sports gambling lvoting rights nliability nyynn/
HannahProsperita Umana ycorporate profit /education /eco & env /yyy/y
AnnaLEAP Party yglobal warming ypoaching yendang. species yyyyyy
LaisThe E Party yeducation yenvironment yeuthanasia yyyyyy
SabrinaChance Party yeducation yhealth care ypublic art yyny/y
ZaRight Party ycrime yabortion yeconomic ineq yyyyny
ShelbyFuture First Party yuniversal health care yeducation yhuman trafficking ynnyyy


Jan 17 none

Jan 19 none

Jan 24 Jordyn, Johnecia

Jan 26 none

Jan 31 Johnecia, Ed, Sabrina, Za

Feb 2 Jordyn

Feb 7 Lauryn, Shelby

Feb 9 Xavier

Feb 14 Codi, Johnecia, James

Feb 16 Za, Lauryn, Xavier

Feb 21 Lauryn, Jordyn, Henryetta, Brock

Feb 23 Henryetta, Xavier, Hannah, Johnecia, Jessica

Feb 28 – Mar 16 individual conferences and Spring Break

Mar 21 Jessica

Mar 23 Jessica, Sabrina, Ed, Jordyn, Codi

Mar 28 Za, Justin, Xavier, Johnecia, Lauryn

Mar 30 Henryetta, Jordyn

Apr 4 Henryetta

Apr 6 Za, Xavier, Codi, Henryetta

Apr 11 Za, Johnecia, Lauryn, Henryetta

Apr 18 Za, Henryetta, Xavier, Hannah, Johnecia, Bob, Justin, Ed, Lais, Sabrina, Harry, Shelby

Apr 20 Henryetta, Xavier, Shelby, Jordyn, Anna, Codi

Apr 25 Henryetta, Bob, Justin, Lais, Shelby, Lauryn

Apr 27 Henryetta, Shelby, Johnecia, Sabrina, Xavier, Codi

y = on time
* = being processed by me

l = late
/ = partially completed (can become an l, but not a y)
n = not done (can become an l, but not a y)

CRN 20203 Sections 09 Tuesday, Thursday 2:20 – 3:45 in H216

Pos 1Pos 2Pos 3Party
2 Pres
JohnPeople PartyFact Check /y* jobs & unemploymin wagewar & weapons
TroyFreedom PartyYouGov /crim justicetaxessports monops
ConnorRainbow PartyU.S. Bureau Labor Statslcrimeequal & discrimjobs & unemploy
AdaviaFree Robin PartyTax Policy Center /ncrimesocial justiceeducation
HoangHuman Issues PartyU.N. Statistics /nincome & wealth distribpower
JamilaSocial Justice PartyUnicef Researchy* povertyimmigrantswomen & children
ImaniLefty PartyRanking Amer /lcrimemin wagetaxes
LaceyPublic Health PartyWorld Bank /y* health caredrugsequal & discrim


Jan 17 none

Jan 19 Connor

Jan 24 none

Jan 31 Troy, Adavia, Hoang

Feb 2 none

Feb 7 none

Feb 9 none

Feb 14 Imani, Adavia, Hoang

Feb 16 Jamila

Feb 21 Imani

Feb 28 – Mar 16 – individual conferences and Spring Break

Mar 21 – Adavia, Imani, Hoang, Troy

Mar 23 – Adavia, Hoang, Troy, John

Mar 28 – Adavia, Imani

Mar 30 – Adavia, Imani

Apr 4 – Imani

Apr 6 – Adavia, Imani

y = on time
* = being processed by me

l = late
/ = partially completed (can become an l, but not a y)
n = not done (can become an l, but not a y)