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Your issues

For each of them, ask yourself:

  • What do we have now?
  • What did we have in the past?
  • What do other countries have?
  • What are options for the future?
  • Will your platform positions single out certain groups to receive benefits or to bear burdens that other groups don’t receive or bear?
  • Who benefits?
  • Who pays?

What is it, a public good or a private good?

  • If it’s a public good, people have a right to it. Ex: parks, streets, police and military protection, K-12 schools
  • If it’s a private good, no one has a right to it. Ex: cars, houses

What are goods like food, health care, housing, paychecks, and higher education? Public goods or private goods?

Edit your images online

To answer these questions, look for data about facts, not other people’s opinions about data that you have not personally examined.


Use Pixlr to crop and add text to images