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Welcome to the Republic of Factistan!

Factistan is an ideal country resembling the U.S. in almost every way except that the political parties have pledged to propose only fact-based policies to deal with society’s wicked problems. Which means it’s the U.S., but upside down!

U.S. upside down

In Factistan, facts rule!

Not only that, but it happens to be an election year. In Factistan, election campaigns are not long, drawn-out, expensive affairs that no one pays attention to and in which only half of the voters vote. In Factistan, the election campaigns are short and incredibly inexpensive. Everyone pays close attention to all the issues and everyone votes.

The election campaign

Each of Factistan’s many political parties is going to propose policies. The representative of each party is going to develop the fact-based policy proposals. The representatives will present their party to the voters in a town-hall style debate. The campaign will culminate in an election at the end of April.

You are that party representative.

Your role

For the next three months you will be functioning as a policy writer for one of Factistan’s many political parties. The good news is that you get to form the political party that you’re working for. That’s like being able to hire your own boss!

Your political party will have positions on a variety of issues. As well, it will have a platform of three policy positions that you feel are most urgently needed to change Factistan in the way that you want it to change.

Based on your party’s platform, you will write a final essay to persuade the voters to vote for your party. In the days leading up to the election, you will have a chance to make a persuasive case in person and take questions from the voters.

Of course, this is Factistan so the positions that your party takes must be based on facts and data, on reality. Would you want it any other way?

Guide to this section

The pages on the left sidebar’s menu.

What you know

What do you know and how do you know it?

Ideas for context

Some concepts that make it easier to understand how we can disagree so much about how to solve wicked problems.

The state of our democracy

Selected passages from President Obama’s farewell address on January 10, 2017.


Questions that follow from the ideas in President Obama’s farewell address.

The Political Spectrum

The big picture.


The big answers.

Who’s the greatest?

What’s the point?