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War and Weapons

The People Party is here for you to stand up against injustice placed on the human race.  We strive to provide our citizens with a great country who maintains proper values and ethics.  We envision a nation who shows equality, respect, and dignity to all citizens.  The People Party is devoted to ensuring that everyone here in this country is protected and safe from the foreign affairs our military is currently involved in.  We envision our country spending less tax money on our military budget and/or our budget for foreign affairs.  We would also like to increase our immigration laws to help better protect our citizens from foreign terror attacks on the United States.

The United States of America has the largest and most powerful military in the world.  Our country is currently involved in three foreign affairs.  At this point in time, we have men overseas for the War in Afghanistan, the War on ISIL (Operation Inherent Resolve), and the War in North-West Pakistan.

  • The current War in Afghanistan is succeeding of the previous war from 2001 to 2014.  Followed by the September 11 attacks on the twin towers in New York City, this United States led war is aiming to attack al-Qaeda and deny it refuge in Afghanistan by removing any and all power from the Taliban.  These attacks took 2,996 American lives, injured over 6,000 other and resulted in at least $10 billion in property damage causing a total of over $3 trillion in total damage costs.
  • The War in North-West Pakistan, also known as the War in Waziristan, is currently involving the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as well as a numerous amount of armed militant groups and al-Qaeda.  Beginning in 2004, the United States’ efforts overseas have decreased the casualty rates from terrorism in our country by 40 percent.
  • According to Fact Check, in 2014, the United States spent an estimated $35.3 billon in all kinds of total foreign aid.  Of the $35.3 billion, $5.9 billion was for military financing and $105.6 million of that was for international military education and training, according to State Department figures on foreign assistance.

The vast majority of the military financing (75 percent) went to support Israel and Egypt, followed by Iraq, Jordan, and Pakistan.  Saudi Arabia also received a large amount of money ($10,000) for military education and training.  Fact Check states that a 2013 Senate Committee on Armed Services report put the cost of supporting the United States military presence abroad at more than $10 billion per year, 70 percent or nearly $7 billion – of which was spent in Germany, the Republic of Korea, and Japan.

The United States of America is often considered the “center of the world”.  Our country is very often involved in most of the other countries affairs whether we be against them, or sending them care packages in times of need to aid less fortunate countries.  This also means that we have the largest military budget of any other country in the world.  The People Party would like to see this number drastically decrease as it is not necessary for us to be constantly aiding other countries that won’t be able to contribute back to society in the long run.  By reducing the military budget, we can also reduce the amount of men as well as the amount of time our men spend overseas battling in order to get them home safe to their family and friends sooner.  With the money our country is saving from the reduced military budget, we plan to increase our immigration laws as well as our border protection to further protect our citizens from any and all danger coming to the country from the foreign affairs we are currently involved in. 

The People Party would like to see the United States governed with freedom, justice, and equality for all.  Our founding father envisioned a land of the free and home of the brave and the People Party would like to uphold that vision of the United States.  We believe we can drastically improve society by implementing this new idea.  We want to see our communities flourish with prosperity and equal opportunity for all.  By reducing the military budget and increasing the immigration laws, we firmly believe that we can begin to re-create a society full of safety and protection for all.