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United Voice of the People

Had enough? I have!


Have you had enough yet? Because I have and it’s time for a change, It’s time to make a change in things that pertain to your everyday lives. Our mission? To give a voice to those who are unheard. Our vision? To be known for making inevitable change for the less fortunate. Our values? Equality, Fairness, & Opportunity. Our main focuses are the height of minimum wage earnings per hour V.S the height of earnings for someone with a college education or a degree per hour, the equality of pay between men and women in job/career settings, and lastly how important free college/education actually is and how the price of college may be taking away from those willing or trying to make a change. You can expect change and an opportunity to move forward in things that again pertain to your everyday lives. Through our mission, vision, and values we will achieve what we desire and change in society is what The United Voice of the People longs for.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple. We are here to equal out the field for those who are less fortunate and give them the same chance as those who got the easy end of things. We are here to also develop a voice for those who are unheard in our society, equality in all things pertaining to our everyday lives such as jobs/careers, school, and education. Necessities we all have in common when it comes to living life, necessities we need in order to be “happy” in a sense… necessities we need to “survive!”

Our Vision:

Our vision is just as simple as our mission. Our vision for what the future holds is to simply be known for making an inevitable change for those who again are less fortunate than others. To make all equal, not just some. Everyone deserves that chance.

Our Values:

The United Voice of the People has three main values which are Equality, Fairness, & Opportunity. Equality for women in same career settings as men that they both work equally hard for. Fairness for those who took the time to go to school to pursue an education and who deserve to make more than someone who did not do these things. And to give an opportunity to those who are struggling in college financially just because they want to have and make better for themselves.


Women are not paid the same as men in most job/career settings. Women often have to work harder than men to be “equal”, but are ultimately paid less at the end of the day. Women deserve the same pay as men, women work just as hard as men to get where they are and they deserve some equality.

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage I believe is getting way too high. People are going to school for x amount of years and taking the time to make something for themselves and are graduating after so many years, just to end up making the same amount per hour as someone who does not have a college degree, working a minimum wage job, and did not take the time to go to school and become more educated. People should earn what they deserve, it’s time to be fair to those who are deserving of fairness.


The price people have to pay for college is getting out of hand. The prices of colleges are hindering some, maybe even most, from pursuing their dreams and making something of themselves. Free college I believe gives everyone an opportunity to become something they have always dreamed of being or have always wanted to be. The opportunity of a free education I believe will not only lead to change, but will also lead to happiness all around our country. Everyone is deserving of change and happiness. I believe education is key to a successful society, and everyone deserve not only change and happiness, but a well earned education as well.


The United Voice of the People will bring Equality, Fairness, and Opportunity along with it. Those three values will gives us the change we need to make things right in our country again. I’ve had enough of being screwed over and I know many other people have too. We are here to speak up for those who can not speak up for themselves in today’s society, giving a voice to those who have seem to have lost theirs along the way. This political party is going to change things, from careers/jobs all the way to school and education. Our mission and our vision are again simple and will help pursue things pertaining to our three main values. We are trying to give women the equality in again career/job settings, and trying to make all things fair for those who deserve fairness when it comes to the amount of work put into achieve certain things such as an education, and we are trying to make things easier for someone who is trying to better themselves with an education. What we are trying to do and what we will do are two different things, but are achieved in the same way, through the same goals, Equality for women, Fairness for the educated, and an Opportunity for the ones willing to become the best version of themselves.