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The E Party


The Future Starts Here


It is time to let the past go and build a new future – a future of progress, excellence, freedom, and prosperity!

Our Mission

The mission of our party is to govern our country with transparency and with the participation of our citizens, since, after all, we are governing for you. Also, we will build a better future, a future in which education and environment are the key components to transform the current society into a new improved society.

Our Vision

We envision an ecologically balanced and fully educated country, anchored on fairness, justice, freedom, honesty, effectiveness, political openness, and progress. We are a responsible, transparent, and hard-working political party that intends to use its full potential and all the tools available in order to represent all citizens of our nation.

Our Values

Our most important values include progress, fairness, freedom of choice, ecological sustainability, and equal opportunity of education.


Education. It is the base of everything. A good educational system has the power to transform a nation like nothing else could. By improving the quality of basic education, we are working on the source of many of the issues we face in our society today, problems that are caused by lack of or poor education, and we are also giving our citizens opportunities for better jobs and a better quality of life.

We are compromised to provide the best quality of education for the citizens of this country. What we will do:

  • Improve the quality of education 
  • Provide opportunity for every child to go to school
  • Decrease the number of unschooled citizens
  • Increase amount of time in school for elementary and middle school students
  • Invest in higher education for careers that the country is currently lacking (scholarships given based on exams)

Education is one of the most important bases of our society, and we know that our reforms will improve the educational system, therefore bringing benefits to our nation as a whole. We believe that when individuals have a better education and are more conscious about the issues that our country (and also the rest of the world) faces, it is much easier to address those problems and find solutions.


Pollution, deforestation, use of fossil fuels, improper use of natural resources are just examples of the problems inflicted on the environment, and they all lead to major issues, such as greenhouse effect and climate change.

We want to reduce the most the pollution caused by industries and factories. 

For that, along with the laws restricting the amount of pollution permitted, there will be tax differences regarding the amount of pollution produced by each industry or factory – for example, those that dispose of larger amounts of waste in the environment (including air pollution, toxic waste, and solid or liquid nontoxic products) will be taxed according to the amount of pollution produced and how it is affecting the environment in the area where the building is located, and the taxes will be lowered upon inspections and confirmed reduction of pollution.

Our intention is to use the reduction in taxes as an incentive for reducing pollution and therefore improving the quality of our environment, since it is so important for our economy and quality of life.

By reducing pollution, we are also helping with climate change issues. Climate change is a fact, and it is affecting the entire world in several ways, such as:

  • provoking the melting of polar ice sheets that have been there for thousands of years
  • provoking the extinction of species that depend on that ice for survival
  • rising the level of the oceans and their temperature
  • rising global temperature
  • increasing the amount of storms and their strength
  • increasing ocean acidification (due to carbon dioxide)

It is not possible to stop climate change completely, but we want to work towards the possibility of slowing it down as much as we can and try to save our planet.

Also, another proposal is to switch nonrenewable energy sources for clean, sustainable, renewable energy sources, such as hydroelectricity, solar energy, wind energy, wave power, geothermal energy, tidal power, bioenergy, and technologies designed to improve energy efficiency.


End-of-life subjects are very delicate and problematic, due to the immense variety of opinions that exist everywhere. There is no national consensus on the topic yet, since a few states have legalized it, but the majority has not.

Some say that euthanasia is not ethical because it is a way of killing, those who request it are not in their right minds due to their suffering so it should not be considered, and they also say that euthanasia devalues human life.

On the other hand, supporters argue that each person has the right to decide upon their own lives (even if the decision is to terminate it), it should be an option especially for those patients undergoing unbearable suffering, and that no one should be forced to suffer if the outcome of their condition is certain death.

We, from the E Party, believe that every person should have the freedom of choice. It is their right to request euthanasia, and the request will be analyzed and approved or denied by a committee consisting of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and lawyers. We know and we respect that every person has an individual opinion regarding this subject, but we are in favor of turning it into a choice and a right for certain types of patients.

We are certain that we can build a better future for our nation, a future with a much better quality of life than we currently have. Our country is prosperous and it has a lot to offer to us, and if we use it properly, the resources will always be available.

There are no limits to our progress. We will transform our nation in an example for the rest of the world to follow – a nation of excellence, awareness, freedom, and fairness, a proactive nation that will never stop reaching for the best.

We will govern with transparency and political openness. After all, we will govern not only for you, but with you.

The Future Starts Here