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Stop the raise of minimum wage

Do you feel you are not getting the pay you deserve? Well, The United Voice of the People is here to try help with that.  The lowering of minimum wage will benefit those who deserve a higher pay and those who are of the less fortunate. Someone who goes to school and takes the time to achieve a higher education deserves to make a little more than someone who flips burgers for a living. The raising of minimum wage is a problem across the United States that is causing conflict between many companies and the United States Government.

The minimum wage for most fast food restaurants is up to almost $11, $10.75 to be exact, said to soon be $15!! A Veterinary Technician makes about $15.18 an hour after going to school for about 2-4 years to earn a degree.. Now that’s pretty ridiculous. Paramedics, Veterinary Technicians, Firefighters, and many more careers surprisingly only make about $40-$52,000 per year. The amount of work a fast food worker does versus the amount of work the parties listed above do are nowhere near deserving of about the same pay. Veterinary Technicians help save our animals. Firefighters and Paramedics help save you, so why wouldn’t we pay them more!? Your life matters doesn’t it? Your animal’s life matter to you as well doesn’t it? So, why pay someone who is meant to save you or your animals close to the same amount a burger flipper gets paid?

The Benefits


Minimum wage being lowered will allow small businesses, “Mom and Pop shops”, to strive and survive when things get tough. Some businesses such as these “Mom and Pop shops” can not afford to keep up with these wages the Government is and is trying to offer. They can not afford to pay their workers more and if we continue to increase the minimum wage this will force those small businesses to lay off their employees and that will potentially raise that thing we all hate, The Unemployment Gap. The lowering of minimum wage I believe will have many benefits. The stopping of the raise of minimum wage will allow us, the Government, to pay the people who went to school and earned a degree more and finally give them and everyone else who worked hard to get where they are, a chance to have what they deserve.   

High minimum wage equals higher costs of production, which will then lead to the heightening of prices for goods and such, which will eventually lead to smaller quantities of services and goods being demanded, we don’t want that do we? Raising the minimum wage could potentially lead to the use of machinery and robots to do what humans can which will lead to even more employees out of a job. Many Americans are out of jobs, and the continuous raise of the minimum wage would not put money in their pockets or motivate them to try and get a job it simply raises the market even more making things even more less affordable for those Americans.

How will we pay for it?

I plan to tax you all equally once I find a wage that’s right for everyone, not too high and not too low. Finding a wage that is fair to those who deserve what they worked hard for and should not feel ripped off by someone who works at a less demanding workplace, such as McDonald’s or Burger King, etc.. This proposal will be paid for by anyone and everyone within the United States by taxes of course. Everyone will pay their fair equal share. I am set to believe you, along with everyone else, will benefit from the stopping of raising the minimum wage, especially those who tend to be less fortunate, the “poor”. Raising the minimum wage puts people out of jobs, which would eventually lead to a gradual increase in our unemployment gap, which will then to lead to more money being handed out by the federal government.


I want to give everyone what they deserve and stopping the raise of minimum wage will help us do that. This will benefit almost everyone in the society and the society as a whole. It will allow small businesses to strive and keep growing, people to keep their jobs and keep that unemployment rate down,  and even more importantly allow people, such as Firefighters, Vet Techs, and Paramedics, to have again what they worked hard for. Everyone deserve to feel they are being treated fairly in our society. I plan to help those who are less fortunate and can not strive on their own, the ones who need help from the government because they are struggling. The raise of minimum wage could hurt us as a whole more than you think and together we can help everyone.


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