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Social Security Administration


Social Security Administration’s Research, Statistics, & Policy Analysis

What the Social Security Administration website has information about-


What time periods does this website cover? All of the information is the most current up and up to date on all the policies and eligibility of those looking to apply for social security in the 21st century.

What geographical area does this information cover? The United States Of America

For which of Factistan’s issues it has relevant data – Crime (fraud), quality of life for elderly and money

Data is collected by pooling together information of people who are applying for social security, using tracking cookies from websites and Google Analytics to optimize patterns. While all of this information is secure and confidential certain laws and restrictions may require this information to be shared with the correct authorities for a variety of reasons.

How is the data presented? There are charts and graphs that will help to explain trends and anomalies as well as how many people qualify or use social security in the United States.

How to use this website? This site is user friendly with a large array of topics to chose from or a search bar for more specific questions as well as phone numbers of assistants to help you with more complicated questions

How to cite this website – “Social Security.” The United States Social Security Administration. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Feb. 2017.


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