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Social Justice Party

 I’m a Libertarian. I’m liberty, justice for all, liberty for all.

 Are you tired are the growing injustice in our society?

Do you believe that something should be done about it now?

Well welcome to the Social Justice Party

Whether it is racially, socially, or economically someone somewhere is getting wronged one way or another and there is nothing being done about it. We, the Social Justice party, believe that it is time to end this and help the country turn over a new leaf. Who is the Social Justice party, you ask? We are the recently founded political party, here to help better the world for everyone, especially those in need. Our party’s main political view is left-libertarian-ism. We believe that the need of the individual before the societal needs. Our mission is to help rebuild America to the land of the free and equal as it was first intended to be. Our vision is to make every woman, child, man, and other as equal as those next to them, while keeping to our most important values : equity and unity.

Our Mission

As said before, our mission is to help rebuild America to the land of the free and equal as it was intended to. Everyone, no matter their race, ethnicity, or gender. But there are still some that do not agree with that. In the Social Justice party, we make it our mission to change the mind of those that do not agree that we need equality in America.

Our Vision

In the years to come we envision a new country. We see a country that welcomes immigrants from warring countries into open arms. We see women ending their fight for justice finally. We see children that are able to live through their childhood and adulthood and lower rate in children in foster care. We see a country with an improved economy. Where there is no one in underpaid jobs, trying desperately to fight their way out of poverty. And that is only to list a few, the Social Justice party is committed to solving as many problems as we are able to, one step at a time.

Our Values

The Social Justice party has many values:

Equity: We know that not everyone is not the same, so that is why we fight for equity instead of equality. We believe that should be given what they are needed to be on equal level with everyone else. 

Unity: If equality is important, so is Unity. What is a country if its people are separated? We are dedicated to bringing everyone together, so we can fight together.

Women & Children


We need more rights for women, today.

 Women are the minority, their needs always been put on the back burner while they’ve been fighting misogyny for years. Those all-around have had to fight hard to get the government to see that men and women should be equal in all aspects. They’ve fought for their voting rights for at least 100 years. Fought for equal job opportunity and equal wages, which is still going on today. Some women in foreign countries are still fighting for a girl’s right to education. And there are still protest on rape and sexual violence, and a women’s right to abortion. These are just to name a few of the injustices that women have had to suffer.

  • We want the right to free,attainable education for young girls all over the world.
  • We want equal job opportunity and pay for both women and men.
  • We want justice in courts rooms on sexual violence and rape for victims.
  • We want women to have the same rights and expectations as men.


    Immigration has always been a problem for America since its founding.

Majority of Americans have adopted the attitude that is only citizens born in the country are allowed to occupy our homes and jobs. Immigrants have been migrating to America for the off chance they and their family can start anew away from the war or secession happening in their Native country. The welfare for all is important to us, but not others. America was built from ideologies of immigrants. Those colonist that traveled here all these years ago, were just a group of Calvinist immigrants from Europe. So if our colonist were originally immigrants in the 16th century, why do we treat the ones today with such hatred? Why, today, are some overjoyed at Donald Trump’s plans to ban our Muslim and Mexican refugees and immigrants? What will it take to get the American people to see that this is immorally wrong and something should be done?

We need your help in:

  • Increasing Immigration rates
  • Decreasing the amount of illegal immigrants
  • And reducing the amount of time and paper work to become a U.S. citizen


Poverty has always been prominent in our country, especially during the Great Depression. America’s economy have never been the best, and because that caused for some citizens to live in poverty. The homeless rate in this country is still very high, 45 million and 15 million being children, and continues to grow as prices for food, homes, and other necessities become more and more expensive. We ask you, how can we fix this?

We need your help to:

  • Lower poverty rates
  • Increase in job training
  • Close racial and women to men wage gap


You have read through our mission, our vision, our values and the issues we wish to tackle. The Social Justice party is a party committed to helping those in need. We plan to make America a beautiful and great country by providing everyone with their inalienable and equal rights as said in the constitution. We hope our values of equality and unity will become the values of the American people also. We strive to help improve the lives of women and children, immigrants, and those under poverty. We hope that you have learned a lot about us through this, that you join us in this fight to bring the country into greatness.