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Right Party




Everything can happen if you and I have the will to take action to make it happen. However, everything may not be done easily but that doesn’t mean it will not happen.

We can accomplish our mission and take actions for our vision only if you and I work together.

You and I can make differences for our country. You and I have the power that can make a change. Together, we will be stronger than the strongest weapon in this Universe.


Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of the Right Party is to make everyone equal under the law. Right Party will focus on abortion, economic inequality and health care. We will fight for unborn babies to elders because we stand for the equal right of human, “ All Men are Created Equal.” The economic inequality rate in United States is high and we will make sure that the economic inequality between employees is balance. We will make sure that the minimum wage is raise. We will make sure that every American have health care coverage.


“Black and white signpost with the words Health, Wealth and Happiness against a blue cloudy sky.”




  • Reduce Abortion
  • Reduce Economic Inequality
  • Provide Health Care for Everyone


  • Everyone have better life-style 
  • Less Financial Issues in Families and Households


Say NO ! to Abortion

We will not allow abortion in any circumstances.  Abortion is morally wrong and we will work to make a legal law of abortion to illegal.

Abortion became a legal law in 1973 in United States. We have people who are supporting for abortion and we also have people those who oppose abortion in United States.

There are more people who support abortion in United States than who those opposed. However, The Right Party will not agree with the idea of abortion and we will fight for unborn babies.

  • Reduce Abortion 

Economic Inequality

Equality for Workers

Economic inequality in United States is high compare to other developed countries. Many employees income are low and have difficulties supporting their family while a few people have very high income more than they need.

We will fight for minimum wage workers. We will work our best to help minimum wage workers to have a better life, financially.

  • $ 7.50 (FMW) 

  • Raise Minimum Wage





Health Care for All



Health Care

It is very hard for working class to pay their medical bill when they are struggling to support their family. I assume that we all may know how expensive it is to go to doctor and get treatment for our illnesses.

Especially in United States, the cost of getting treatment from doctor is like 40 to 60 hours of work salary or maybe more than that for working class families.

Some people do not have Medicaid so instead of going to doctor when they sick, they buy some medicines from local pharmacies. Right Party will make sure that everyone have healthcare coverage.

  • Health Care Coverage for Everyone



Right Party will focus on Abortion, Economic Inequality and Health Care. These things cannot be done by alone. Only we can make it happen if you and I work together. You and I have a power that can make a change and help those who need help in this country. Therefore, let’s work together and make a change that you want o see.

  • Let Work Together and Achieve our Missions
  • Together / Stronger