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Realitic Party


The Realitic Party

Using Real Data to Reinvent The Country

 Are you tired of living in a country based majorly on opinion? Would you rather live in a country that makes decisions based on fact. The Realitic Party’s is here to reinvent how the country is administered, and to govern in fairness. We perceive a country where decisions and laws are made based solely on the facts, living up to the reputation of an equal and free country. We are a party that lies on in the libertarian left quadrant and we value justice, humanity, and collective liberty. In all the Realitic Party plans to recreate how the country is governed to ensure equality and non-biased law making.

Our mission

It is our mission to revamp how decisions are made in the country and to administer in decency. We would like to make laws based on what is concrete, taking in the truth about issues and making decisions that will enhance the positives or delete the negatives. This country will eventually be an equal and free country for all social groups not just some, everyone will be able to exercise their entitled right without fear, and everyone will be treated as humanly as possible. 


Subjects of  Main Concern


  • Incarceration- We have hopes to tighten up security for inmates and enhance inmate rights. 
      • Decrease the amount of innocent minority citizens in prisons     



  • Women’s Rights- There is a big debate on whether a woman is entitled to her bodily autonomy when pregnant.
    •   We have hopes to enhance the access to inexpensive/ free medical attention for pregnant or soon to be pregnant women, also making abortion legal and free up until the third trimester, also education for women who are considering terminating their pregnancy on the effects on their bodies.
    • Companies should allow up to 6 weeks of paid maternity leave, and 4 weeks of half paid maternity leave. The household should not suffer of loss of income because a woman must take maternity leave.


  • Education- Too many people are choosing not to go to school because of the cost. Student loan debt is the second highest household debt in the US. 
    •  Lowering the cost of college will decrease the amount of student loan debt
    • Increase the amount of educated citizens