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Rainbow Party


The Rainbow Party


For the people who see this country in a major need of change for the better, come and join the new left libertarian party: the Rainbow Party.  The idea of this party is to make the people express themselves any way that they see fit.

America is known as the “land of the free and the home of the brave” but there are too many people who limit their minds and don’t want some people to express themselves in “different” ways, for example, homosexuals.

Most democrats don’t see America in this way, they want to see people act the way that the relationship between man and woman is the only kind of relationship that can and should be seen within America.  However the Rainbow Party sees this as anyone should be able to participate in any way without being discriminated against, or limited with what others want them to do.

The three problems that the Rainbow party is trying to resolve are the problems with crime, equality & discrimination, and finally the limited jobs & unemployment in America.

                                                 Three Main Points of the Rainbow Party

  1. Creating new laws to minimize discrimination
  2. Reducing crime rate to a minimum
  3. Help the United States with keeping the unemployment rate at a constant low percentage

                                           First section

Our vision as the Rainbow Party is to make everyone feel equal as a country.  Many people say that everyone needs to be equal within America.  With the Rainbow Party, though this will take time, we see a new America where men, women, straights, homosexuals, blacks, whites, and everyone in between can be considered equal.  With the ideals of the rainbow party, we see a lower crime rate throughout the country, with the problem of hate related crimes to hopefully be a thing of the past.  Finally we see an America without bias towards people of different lifestyles.

Be it either homosexual, straight, or anything else, we see no reason to not allow people of different lifestyles to not be allowed to do certain jobs, or even be denied jobs that they are qualified for.  However this is only how we see things in the long run, along with that, we as the Rainbow Party see the possibility for a better America can be done in ways sooner.

Most of the long term goals that we have can be worked towards with simple laws like giving people equal pay and opportunity for job placements.  America has always had a problem with allowing everyone to be equal, and that needs to change now.  With how the world is changing and people becoming more and more accepting of differences in people, America can do the same with the help of the Rainbow Party.

Second section

Our Party wants to mention some of the major topics that the Rainbow Party will try to help America overcome, those being the problems with discrimination, crime rate, and unemployment.


Throughout America’s past, we have always been discriminatory towards at least one group of people.  Be it Native Americans, people we’re at war with, or more currently blacks, and homosexuals.  About the discrimination with homosexuals, some people must know of someone in their lives being discriminated against, and in that case, those who have been discriminated against want with everything in their being for it to stop.  With the Rainbow Party, we try to limit this problem as soon as possible, and in the long run, hopefully get rid of it the longer our party stays in office.

Some of the biggest problems with discrimination that has been shown within the workplace has been equal pay, and qualification of jobs between men and women.  Gender discrimination has always been a problem in the workplace ever since women were allowed to work.  According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, “In 2015, female full-time, year-round workers made only 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 20 percent.”

Not only does this statistic prove that women aren’t earning as much as men do in the work place, but it also shows that the amount earned is a staggering one-fifth less than men earn.  According to the same website, in almost all jobs women will be earning less than men will. Not only that but in some cases women will only earn up to 66 percent of what male employees will make, if the job is primarily employed by men.  Finally according to an article found on the IWPR site, “Across occupations the gender earnings ratio of women’s median weekly earnings to men’s ranges from just 52.5 percent to 111.2 percent.”

The jobs that women are making more than men are mostly wholesale and retail.  Other exceptions to this are bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks because of the fact that men and women make an equal amount per week that men will earn (“The Gender Wage Gap”).

To try to accommodate this inequality for payment, the government has tried to create laws to make payment for everyone equal.  Two of the main acts that have already been passed that the Rainbow Party is planning on enforcing more are going to be the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Fredrickson).

The Equal Pay Act is meant to help women have, as the act states, equal pay in the workplace.  For the Civil Rights Act, this act was broader by stating that companies couldn’t discriminate the people they hired by: race, gender, religion, sex etc.  Even though gender discrimination is almost always happening, it’s one of the hardest things to prove to actually happen in the workplace.  The reason that it’s such a difficult thing to prove, is because the government doesn’t have any way to prove that what they’re doing is illegal, however if the Rainbow Party is placed into office, we will do whatever we can do in our power to make sure these Acts are enforced to the fullest.


Crime Rate

The next topic our party will talk about is the problem with crime.  The members of the Rainbow Party know that crime, even though it’s terrible and needs to be eliminated, will be bound to happen.  However, while the Rainbow Party is in the office, we can have more officers on the streets so we can limit the amount of crimes that happen before they get too out of hand.

According to the FBI, the most common violent crime that happened in 2015 were aggravated assaults, peaking at a staggering 63.8 percent.  Some of the other crimes that occur are crimes like murder, with an estimated 15,696 murders, and rape, with a staggering 90,185 counts of accounted rape.  Along with that the most common crime that occurred in 2015 that was related to property was larceny-theft at a massive 71.4 percent.  Though these numbers are large, the crime rate in the United States has been on a downfall.  In fact, between the years 1993 and 2015 the total crime rate dropped 50 percent.  Even though this does look good, we can still strive for a better future for America, with less crime-ridden streets.  With these statistics, we at the Rainbow Party can see some of the things that need to change in order to bring these numbers down, those being new laws needed for gun control, and more severe punishments.

Because of the way that America is today, there are too many laws that limit guns to the American public.  According to a study from the Brookings Institution Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy, there are 300 federal, and state laws that have an effect on the American population towards guns.  Not only that, but in total there are around 20,000 total laws toward gun control (Jones).

Even though the Rainbow Party thinks there needs to be less gun control, there are some laws that should stay, like the Crime Control Act of 1990.  This act enforced “drug-free zones”   One of the bigger laws enacted was the Gun Control Act of 1968, which restricted sales of firearms over state lines, and had dealers of firearms keep more detailed records of those who buy from them.  Along with that, Dealers could no longer sell firearms to people who were: convicted felons, mentally incompetent, drug users, etc.

Also this act prohibited the mailing of rifles and shotguns.  Before the law was enacted, people could mail in handguns if they were above the age of 21, and 18 if they were buying a rifle or shotgun (Gettings & McNiff).  We at the Rainbow Party believe that gun control laws believe that the laws that are currently in effect do work, but some of them are effecting the country in worse ways that they are letting on.



Finally Unemployment is the last issue that the Rainbow Party would like to talk about.  Some of the problems that can be found in unemployment can also be found within the problems of discrimination.  On one hand, some companies won’t employ someone who they believe doesn’t meet their requirement for their work, that’s fine.

However, on the other hand, some companies still won’t hire people who do meet the company’s requirements, but due to a way that that person lives their life.  Some of those ways could be based on: race, gender, sexual orientation, social class, etc.

Even with those problems the Rainbow Party can attempt to fix these problems for the better of the country.


With the many problems with America, limiting people is one of the largest problems seen by our party.  Discrimination has always been a major problem with people in America ever since the beginning of the country’s “problems” with Native Americans when Christopher Columbus came here.

Not only this, but equality also has been an issue, especially with women.  Women have been in some ways more influential than men have been throughout the history of the US.  If this is the case, then why are they not considered equal, or given equal rights?

With the problems that America currently has the Rainbow Party will do their best to limit the problems, if not get rid of them entirely, while we are the head of the country with one of our representatives as president. As the Rainbow Party always says; anyone in America can, and should be able to express themselves how they see fit.

With this in mind, with the three issues we plan on focusing on: reducing the crime rates, creating new laws to minimize discrimination, and keep the unemployment rates to a constant percentage that will help the country, the Rainbow Party should be one of the best new parties that have been created in recent times.