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Public Health Party

Public Health Party

The success of a nation depends on the health of its people. We are punishing our brothers and sisters for their mental illness. Addiction is to be looked at as a disease, not a crime. Anyone can become an addict, and anyone can overcome addiction. That is, if they are given the right care. The jails are filling up, and the people are getting sicker. This country needs to realize that punishing those who need help is only detrimental in the long run. This party is about decreasing the population of addicts and drug users in jail, and ensuring equal opportunity to recovery for all peoples, no matter race, sex or religion. My party will take positions as left libertarian, on drugs, Health Care, Inequality/discrimination.

The mission of this party is essentially to establish equality in the area of drugs and health care. No one should have to worry when they need help as to whether they can get it or not. There should not be a higher percentage of one race being arrested and charged more harshly than another. And lastly no country should value anything above the health of its people. We need to make a change. It starts with addiction.
The United States of America will be a model country in showing other countries how to care for the people, all people, above all else. Race, class, sex, religion, and sexuality will no longer be factors in how a person is helped or punished. Consequences will be based solely on the magnitude of the crime and every resident will receive the care they need.


-Equality: We seek a country with many cultures living as one with each other. A country that distinguishes people by their actions, ot appearances or beliefs.

-Health Care: Health Care will be available for all no matter the state they are in. No longer will good people avoid the doctor when necessary because of financial problems.

-Stewardship: This party stresses taking care of one’s own. When provided with the means to be healthy and prosperous the citizens must be ready and willing to utilize it.

-Health: The success of a nation begins with the health of its people. This party desires a country full of people who are not afraid to ask for help. We value mental health along with physical health.

-Rehabilitation: The Public Health Party sees a world in which rehabilitation is not something to be ashamed of, but something to be celebrated.


Drug abuse is a prominent issue in the United States today. The issue is being dealt with poorly, no progress is being made. Drugs are illegal, yes, but tossing drug abusers in jail is only making the issue worse.

Addicts will find ways to get what they desire as long as they are not on the road to recovery. This spreads more addiction in the jails, and only increases the problem for our country.

Addicts need the same care that a person with depression needs. Other countries are incorporating ways to help addicts rather than punish them, and it is working. It is time we get on board. Another change the party plans to make is the availability of opioids after medical procedures. Many addictions stem from hospital stays, this must end. Patients will be weaned off of strong drugs in the hospital and patients to whom they are absolutely necessary will be monitored closely until they no longer need them.

-Health Care: It is not uncommon to hear a person is America say that they will not go to the doctor despite minor or major issues only because it is far too expensive. To the Public Health Party this is embarrassing. Under this party, all citizens will be given the same Health Care options. Rehabilitation will be a major part of the system, and the facilities and clinics will be better researched and funded. The patients will be celebrated when they enter and when they exit. On top of this we needs to reduce addiction by ending it before it starts. A large portion of dangerous drug addicts become hooked after a necessary medical procedure.Doctors will be more conscious of who they are working with, meaning they will analyze personality types for addictive personalities and they will monitor the drugs closely. This sense of celebration for the betterment of our people will give us a major sense of pride. One only a healthy nation can have

-Inequality/Discrimination: The citizens of our nation should be provided for equally. Opportunities should be given to all people regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or belief. The stigma attached to certain races in association to drug use and drug charges will be abolished. People will be seen as people, and assistance will be given to any who need it. The number of people in jail, because they are targeted due to their race must be decreased. It is no secret that african americans are targetd above white americans on drugs charges. They make up a large portion of the jail population. With so many arrests, and no help the people affected can never get out. This creates a domino effect for their families and those around them. They are stuck with no assistance and no means to be taken care of.


Addiction is to be dealt with compassionately. Equality is the absolute striving point, especially in Health Care. The future of our country has the potential to overcome the stigmas the world has placed on us and we have placed on ourselves. First, we must begin to go in the right direction. We need to focus on decreasing addiction and along the way, drug abuse. The farther we get from drug abuse,the less people we will have wasting their precious lives in prisons for little mistakes. A life should not be ruined over the way a person came into the world or because a person is too afraid or ashamed to get help. Addiction is a common mental illness, just as serious as a physical disease. A nation’s success depends on the health of its people.