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Prosperità Umana

We Flourish When We Help Others Flourish

Editor: Hannah Powers


Prosperità Umana’s mission is to improve society to make it equitable and healthy for all Americans. We will grow through the help of each other to create a stable economy to make America a place of trust, rather than fear of what will come in our future. We will strive to rebuild healthy corporate profits, an appropriate education system, and make Americans more aware of our environment around us.


We envision an economy that flourishes for both large and small businesses to produce equitable economic growth for both business types. An education system that supports every child no matter their needs, in addition to making college more affordable to our students trying to further their education. And an environment that is healthy and provides multiple career possibilities in the future.


We value individualism, progress and change, work, competition, volunteerism, and achievement.

We flourish when we help others flourish. I believe that our work will flourish if we find the support we need, but also if we consistently help others throughout our lives. And not only because we can then count on a coterie of people to give us help when we need it, but also because if we’re not generous to others, we can’t possibly be generous to ourselves. Prosperità Umana means human prosperity in Italian. Human prosperity is the main focus of this political party because we believe that when we help others flourish and grow, we ourselves will flourish with them.

Topics Of Interest

  • Corporate Profits

Our first step forth making America a better place is facing our issues with corporate profits. Corporate profits as defined by Wikipedia states, “an economic indicator that calculates net income using several different measures.” Increasing profits means either increased corporate spending, growth in retained earnings or increased dividend payments to shareholders. All are good signs to an investor. But an issue that is commonly passed over when talking about corporate profits is ethical profits. A company’s ultimate goal is to increase profits. While many companies grow profits ethically, others maximize profits unethically via slashing employee expenses, marketing, or impacting the environment negatively. Unethical business practices can lead to smeared public relations and a loss of trust and respect on the part of the consumer. Large businesses contribute more to unethical profits compared to smaller businesses, but that is if smaller businesses are invested in. Smaller businesses thrive from investments outside of just us the consumers.

We will begin to encourage larger businesses to invest into the smaller ones to help them prosper.

If smaller businesses begin to prosper they will be encourages to grow and open into larger businesses or encourage other entrepreneurs to invest in smaller businesses. Small businesses have a higher failure rate, we need individuals who aren’t afraid to fail and invest in these businesses, entrepreneurs.


  • Education

Education will remain free to all individuals’ grades pre-school through grade 12.

Prosperità Umana’s goal is to continue implementing the Common Core State Standard but give awareness to all individuals of the content expected. The most common misunderstanding with the Common Core Standard is that it does have the beneficial aspects such as taxes and balancing a checkbook, it is full of valuable knowledge and skills that can lead to mastery in higher education. The Common Core State Standard has multiple beneficial factors; people just need to be more informed of these benefits.

Prosperity Umana will also strive to achieve a better college education system. The underlying problem that follows college education is debt. Prosperità Umana will adapt the Australian way of paying back their college debt. Students can receive monetary aid via the HECS-HELP scheme, a system where students can borrow up to their entire cost of attendance, and can begin paying it back with automatic 4-8% paycheck deductions after their professional income exceeds a certain threshold, with discounts given for early repayment. By applying this system students’ pay far less than average and they can receive additional special assistance. This way the colleges will still receive their tuition costs and the individuals that have to pay the tuition costs have time to pay these colleges back at an affordable price.


  • Environment

Instead of continuously insulting businesses and how they destroy our environment, Prosperità Umana plans to embrace the idea of businesses having to develop to the environment. These businesses pay for the protective and proactive environmental measures and attempt to recoup the expenses through consumer good will or the added consumer base gained from an environmentally friendly policy. These environmental protection laws require businesses to change their ways in order to accommodate for the environment.

Prosperità Umana also considers all of the career possibilities that the environment provides us with. With the rapid want for change this produces new businesses that must fall under protective and proactive environmental measures. Including the nature based jobs such as forest rangers, nature conservations, and scientific researchers. The career opportunities are endless when striving to improve the environment.