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Pet Abuse


Steward: Lauryn


Animal Cruelty Laws: Felony vs. Misdemeanors–

Database of Criminal Animal Cruelty Cases–

Publisher– Alison Gianotto

The Animal Abuse Registry Database Administration System (AARDAS) project has evolved considerably since our first launch in January of 2002. As it becomes more sophisticated, it becomes important for us to disclose how the system works, and the reasoning behind our classifications.

The abuse classifications and case titles listed reflect the opinions of Pet-Abuse.Com, and may not necessarily reflect the crime the individual(s) were charged with. For example, there is no criminal statute against “hoarding” – any charges that would be a result of a hoarding case generally fall under the neglect or kenneling laws. Because the psychological elements in hoarding cases are different than in a typical neglect case, we use a classification that sets it apart to allow us to gather useful statistics about the demographic of the suspects in those kinds of cases.

While we make every effort to present only factual representations of cases, we do use our own judgement when classifying cases and determining some of the other fields. We utilize our experience in working with criminal animal cruelty cases to determine the most appropriate abuse type classification(s) for each case, and each classification is checked at least twice by separate staff members.

The data is collected and reported by people who observe the cases or abuse to animals and then from there the case is classified into different categories.

Abuse Connection Cases

A case is considered to be an abuse connection case if one or more of the suspects has a history of interpersonal violence. Interpersonal violence can be assault, menacing, domestic violence, child abuse, arson, robbery, murder, or any other violent crime.

Animal Abuse Statistics:

Yearly Reports

Text-based report Report of Abuse Types (by year and/or state)
Text-based report State Ranking by Cruelty Type (by year)
Text-based report Animal Mortality (by year and/or state)

Life Cycle of Abuse

Line graph report Age Ranges
Line graph report Age/Gender comparison
Line graph report Age/Gender by Abuse Type

Types of Abuse/Case Status

Pie graph report U.S. Types of abuse
Bar graph report Most common animals by abuse type
Pie graph report Case Status (overall and by abuse type)
Pie graph report Abuse Types with documented child/elder neglect
Line graph report Felony vs. Misdemeanor – 2000 through 2007

Offleash/Unconfined/Nuisance Animals

Pie graph report Percentage of Retaliation Cases Involving Offleash/Unconfined Cats & Dogs
Pie graph report Abuse Types Involving Offleash/Unconfined Cats & Dogs
Pie graph report Abuse Types in Retaliation Cases Involving Offleash/Unconfined Cats & Dogs

Tethered Dogs

Pie graph report Types of Cruelty to Tethered Dogs
Pie graph report Tethering in Pit Bulls vs. Non-Pit Bulls
Pie graph report Cruelty Cases: Pit Bulls vs. Non-Pit Bulls


Pie graph report Abuse Types in Cases Where Animal Was Intentionally Bound or Tied
Pie graph report Comparison: Animal was Abused by Owner/Caregiver
Pie graph report Reporting Parties
Pie graph report Abuse Types in Cases Involving Drugs or Alcohol
Bar graph report Cases Added/Updated (by year)
Line graph report Crimes by Year