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People Party

The People Party is a political party whose members stand to fight against injustice placed on the human race. We put you first! The majority of our values stand with issues such as the war/weapons issues, jobs/unemployment issues, and minimum wage issues.  Our mission is to rebuild a great country for our citizens with respectable values and morals; to hopefully one day re-live the American Dream.  We envision the country using less tax money on our military, and/or the United States’ foreign affairs budget, reducing the unemployment rate to less than two percent as well as keeping minimum wage at a steady value (not too high, not too low.)  This party is positioned in the left most libertarian quadrant of the political spectrum.  The Democratic Party often says “we’re stronger together”; this statement works equally as well for this political party as it is also a libertarian positioned political party.


Our mission here is to govern the United States of America with equality, justice, and freedom for all citizens.  We hope to help them properly achieve and find success here in the United States.  The purpose of this party is to one day get our country back up and properly functioning to its fullest potential with the People’s Party in office.


The People party is something that should be known as a political party leading the nation properly back on track with opportunities, equality, and fairness for all.  We strive to find success, prosperity, and fulfillment of life for all citizens here in the United States of America.


Well-Paying Jobs – This country will thrive on good paying jobs.  By re-building our countries infrastructure, supporting small businesses, and creating jobs for young people, we can increase economic prosperity as these people would then contribute more to society.  This will further improve our economy as well as last for a number of decades.

Economic Security – We would like to see a raise in incomes and economic security for the middle class of the United States.  By raising workers wages, expanding access to affordable housing and home ownership, and supporting working families, we can ensure these issues are not out of reach.

Ensure Safety – Ensuring the health and safety of all citizens here in this country is something all political parties should stand for.  The People Party strongly feels that preventing gun violence, ending violence against women, and securing universal health care would vastly improve the country we live in.


This political party is devoted to ensuring that everyone here in the United States is protected and safe from the foreign affairs we are currently involved in.  We also seek to reduce the budget of our own military, as well as reducing the budget given for other foreign countries matters.  In addition, we’d like to increase our current immigration laws to further protect our citizens from foreign affairs the United States is currently involved in.


We are committed to maintaining an extremely low unemployment rate (below two percent is our goal.) We also plan on bringing jobs back to America, offering more jobs to our citizens, therefore lowering the unemployment rate.  We will one day be able to find prosperity again, after we have many jobs available again.  Having numerous job opportunities allows less welfare money to be distributed which in end results in the lowering of our tax rates.

Minimum Wage

We place a heavy significance on minimum wage as not all individuals are able to attend secondary school, or find a full time jobs with proper pay, benefits, etc.  This is why we find it crucial to place a proper federal minimum wage that’s not too high, yet at the same time, not too low.  Having a set minimum wage like the aforementioned idea would in turn reduce poverty, as these workers then have an increased income producing outputting the relatively low poverty level.

The United States of America could be considered the “center of the world”.  With that being said, it requires us to have the largest military spending budget out of all the other countriesin the world.  We also have the largest military in the world.  The People Party would like to see the amount of tax money spent on foreign affairs be greatly reduced, thus reducing the time our men spend fighting for our country overseas.  With less men overseas, we can simultaneously save men’s lives as well as save tax money to be more properly distributed in places throughout the country such as raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 per hour, fixing many of the damaged roads, or even to help reduce pollution.

The current United States unemployment rate is at 4.9%.  That’s almost five percent of our entire population without work.  We would like to see this number remain under 1.9%.  We will begin bringing jobs back to the United States by heavily taxing incoming foreign goods.  Thus, leaving manufacturing companies and businesses with no choice other then to manufacture products in the United States, resulting in many more available jobs.  This also allows the reduction of the poverty level due to an increase in available jobs.  We believe that with more jobs in the United States, we will one day re-find fulfillment, success, and the good old American Dream.

The current federal minimum wage has been $7.25 per hour since July of 2009.  As of December 31st, 2016, the current New York State minimum wage was raised to $9.70 per hour. We feel it
will be beneficial to find a neutral federal minimum wage for all citizens across the United States.  We find it crucial for people to be paid what they deserve, never too little, never too much.  A standard federal minimum wage of $11.50 per hour would ensure those living on their own can make enough (provided they work enough hours.)  This would also help the younger generation start to make a decent amount and begin saving for their future.  This is also because minimum wage wasn’t implemented to raise an entire family off of, therefore a standard minimum wage would greatly improve our society.

The People Party is the new up and coming Political Party of the United States of America. Positioned in the left most libertarian quadrant of the political spectrum, we want to see equality, freedom, and justice for all.  The People’s Party wants to help protect its citizens from dangerous foreign affairs, as well as see our people in this country succeed with opportunity and fulfillment; much similar to the American Dream.  We look forward to beginning the process of paying off the billions of dollars of debt, reducing the military budget to help fix roads, reduce taxes, and increasing minimum wage. We want to see this country have an upward social mobility, maintain the process of democracy, and continue to have equal rights for all regardless of social class or any other discriminatory prejudices.  This country will once again boom with prosperity and fulfillment with a plethora of jobs and the freedom our founding fathers intended us to have.