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People Over Everything Party


We are the People Over Everything Party

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Our mission is to make sure that the people are first over everything and that everyone has equal rights and no one has more power than any other. Our vision for the future is to have an equal society that everyone is equal and that no one or noting is abused in life.

Our values of the party are we think like Christian religious men and women, Equal opportunity for everyone, and nonviolence towards anyone or anything such as pets and wildlife.

  • We want to have open technology for everyone and give people heath care after they retire and most of all we want to fight for everyone even the little guy .
  • We also want everyone to have freedom for everyone and for everyone to have person responsibility. We don’t want to fight for what is right to us we want to fight for what is right for you, the people.
  • Our party is very much for the people but we are much having strong opinions on abortion, pet abuse and the death penalty.


Abortion is said to be a “good thing” because if a teen that is eighteen years old had an unexpected pregnancy, they want an abortion so they don’t ruin their lives with a child. They don’t think about the lives they are taking away.

  • Now say your brother or sister was unplanned and your parents didn’t want a child then, would you want them to have gotten an abortion and take away your brother or sisters life? Of course not, anyone life no matter what age they are shouldn’t be taken away. People have taken lives away numbers and numbers of times with abortions.Image result for stop abortion
  • No one’s life should be taken away especially an unborn child that hasn’t even been able to take a breath of fresh air.
  • Our party shall fight the laws saying that abortions are aloud. We shall enforce laws that shall end abortion and it shall be in no way or shape or form be aloud anywhere in the United States.
  • It’s a terrible thing and it shall not be allowed in the country under our watch. We shall fight for the unborn children because they would do the same for us.


Pet Abuse

Now pet abuse is another issue we as a party want to put an end too. Pet abuse is something that has to stop, if anyone abuses a poor animal they don’t deserve an animal. More than fifty percent of animals are abused in their owner’s home.

Animals have been starved, has been punched kicked and throne across rooms and the worst of all people have put duct tape or sometime of rope around the animals so they can’t speak or even eat because the owners don’t want to hear the animals complain. Now think about your pet, you treat the animal with respect and care and love.
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  • Now think about having you pet go to someone else’s home and not be feed or not be washed or even taken care of at all.
  • Pets around winter time have been left outside and have freeze to death because some owner’s don’t want animals in the house or they are “punishing” them.
  • We as a party are proposing to enforce laws to make it illegal for this to happen and if the owner of the pet is cough abusing the animal. In these laws if the owner is cough abusing, they shall be sent to jail and do time for the crime they have done.
  • In our party there is no excuse for abusing any type or form of animal ever.

Death Penalty

In our party we shall; not enforce the death penalty. People all over the world have been shot down our killed in the streets just because someone has hated them or doesn’t want to see them succeed.

In our party one of our member’s family members was shot in the streets because he was the boss of a man and fired him and as he left work that day the man came up and shot him four times in the back. The man was sent to jail for 50 years to live.

  • Now people like that in our party will fight for another man’s live. If the man was shot in the streets for no reason then this man who killed him may have taken a life but you as we say in abortion, you shouldn’t take another humans life.
  • We believe that everyone has equal rights and has a right to prosper in life.
  • Who knows what other people are going to do just to get back at someone for something the other person has done to them. Too many men and women are killed for now reason and when they are killed they deserve what is right for them to show that they don’t die in vain for any reason.
  • If someone tales another person’s life then their live shouldn’t be taken. In our party we believe in everyone has a equal right and God has taught us that…. So no matter how bad it hurts to lose someone for no reason, it shouldn’t be fair to take another persons life.

What We Believe  As A Party

We believe in the United States being the greatest country in the world and we want to continue that was. As Donald Trump would say “We want to make American great again.”

The United States is a great nation when we work and fight together, that’s what we want to do. We want everyone to fight with us so we can keep America great and keep it at the top of the food chain and we want to make the county a better and safer place no for just the middle class, we want it safe for everyone even the sick, rich and the poor. Now we want you to fight with us and fight for everyone. Now this is the main question… Will You Join Us?