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People First Party

You’ve just dropped your 6 year old son off at elementary school and said goodbye and said have a great day as you have done plenty of times. A few hours later you receive a call from your son’s elementary school telling you that there has been a shooting, a 14 year old boy has opened fire. There’s a brief pause in conversation and then the school official then proceeds to regretfully tell you that they believe your son has been shot and is in a critical condition. This is the call that Jacob Halls Parents, Renae and Roger Hall received on Wednesday September the 28th in 2016. Jacob later passed away on Saturday the 1st of October at 12:56pm.



  • Enforce stricter gun licence laws
  • Begin to change the culture of the crime and guns in America
  • Increase minimum wage so it stays above the inflation rate and correlates to the cost of living.
  • Legalise sports gambling

Guns and Crime

Instances like this are happening almost every week in America and no one blinks an eye. When school shootings, mass shootings or any kind of shootings occur in almost any other high income country like the United States, the whole country comes to a stand still and its all anyone is talking about.

At the people first party we will ultimately try to eliminate these cases. Gun violence in America far surpasses that of any other high-income country. The firearm death rate in America per 100,000 people is 10.2, the next highest is Finland with a total of 3.6 deaths per 100,000 people. America has a firearm deathrate 300% higher than the next country.

If we can control who owns guns, we can reduce the death rate due to guns. Anybody with a previous mental health issue will not be allowed to own a gun unless they get a clearance from 3 doctors. One of the major issues is that Millions of guns are sold every year in “no questions asked” transactions. This means it will be difficult to control who owns guns however if we can simply start to put the change of culture into motion then that will be a huge step in itself. Experts estimate that 40 percent of guns now sold in America are done so without a Brady background check. The Brady background check is a system in which the retailer sends the potential buyers details to the FBI. The FBI then runs a background check through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to see if they are a prohibited purchaser. Prohibited purchasers include felons, fugitives, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill. Simply put, the effective Brady Law prevents guns from getting into the hands of dangerous people. Enforcing this law for all gun laws will significantly improve the gun violence in America as fewer people on the prohibited list will own guns.

Minimum Wage

There is an overwhelming amount of poverty in America compared to the other high income countries. America should have a higher minimum wage as they rank in the top 10 richest countries but they do not rank in the top 10 for highest minimum wages in high income countries or overall.

This is a direct correlation with the uneven distribution of income in America. We will increase the minimum wage gradually over time. It will increase with correlation to the cost of living and inflation in mind. This way we are increasing the minimum wage above the rate of inflation so that its more realistic for people working on the minimum wage to to afford the cost of living.

Sports Gambling

We the people first party want to legalize sports gambling in all states in America. We believe this will not only inject more money into our economy but also more jobs into Americans.

American culture has many identities, one of its biggest being sports culture. This is proven by the value of the 4 major sports leagues in America. Yet, as of today sports gambling in America is only legal in the states of Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Montana. The NFL is the largest sport league by revenue in the entire world, with MLB second and the NBA coming in third. America therefore owns the 3 most profitable sports leagues in the whole world. In addition to this, the NHL comes in 5th behind the English premier league in the United-Kingdom where Sports Gambling is legal.

A total of $95Billion was gambled on football in America alone last year. A whopping 98% or $93Billion of that money was gambled illegally through black markets or under the table deals.

This proves that the theory that making sports gambling illegal is not working. In the 2017 Super Bowl for example, only 3% of the $4.7Billion were legal bets. Take a moment to reflect on these significant numbers of one event.

America’s obsession with sport is far more than just a game. We at the People First party recognize that sport is part of our national identity and an important revenue maker for our economy. We are a nation of integrity and we want to keep integrity in sport. America has so much to gain by legalizing Sports Gambling and the People First party can make it happen.