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LEAP Party

LEAP Party

(Leaders of Environmental Awareness and Protection)


Join the race to make this earth a better place! We need to start caring for this amazing earth we live on rather than destroying it. We overuse the resources of this beautiful planet and cause wild species to go endangered and extinct due to our carelessness. Global warming, endangered and extinct species, and cruelty to wild animals are all problems caused by human behavior. We want to raise awareness to these issues and stop the human behaviors that have such a negative effect on this earth and the wild animals who live here!



We are determined to educate the people about the negative effects humans have on mother earth and the wild species on this planet, and how we can turn these effects around.


We envision a future of people who care and love for this beautiful earth we inhabit, who take action in their everyday lives towards a clean and healthy planet, and who respect and help the wild species that roam this earth.


Respect – It is important to have respect for this planet by keeping its water, air and land clean and not overusing the resources that it offers us. We need to respect the animals that we share this planet with because it is also their home.

Awareness – We need to be aware of how our everyday actions affect the well being of our environment.

Community – We value a community of people who will work together to spread the idea of respect for the environment, spread awareness about how our actions can have negative effects on the planet, and most importantly work together to make a positive change.

Global Warming

Some people do not believe global warming is real and may not notice the effects it has on the world’s environment. Perhaps they do not understand why these rising temperatures are so harmful to the planet we live on. We want to raise awareness to the seriousness of global warming and the negative effects it has on our planet. We need to become aware that these rising temperatures are being caused by human actions that pollute the air.

People can tackle the problem of global warming by reducing their carbon footprint. Using renewable energy, investing in energy efficient appliances, buying better light bulbs, walking instead of driving your car or driving hybrid cars are all simple ways we can stop global warming. If more people start performing these simple actions it can stop the extreme weather changes, rising sea levels, plant and animal extinction, and health issues that are caused by global warming.

Rise in Endangered and Extinct Animals

There are many human activities that are causing wild animals to become endangered and extinct at alarming rates. Our party wants to raise awareness on how humans are causing this massive rise in animal extinction and how we can stop it. As the population on earth grows, the ecosystems of animals are being destroyed for more space and resources for the growing population. Although we cannot change this rise in population, there are many ways that you can help stop endangered animals from going extinct. You can respect the wild species by being aware of your actions and how they may affect the animals on this planet.

Reducing your carbon footprint will not only help stop global warming but can help stop endangered species from disappearing from the planet. Making your home more wildlife friendly, stopping the use of herbicides and pesticides, stopping littering and starting recycling are all simple actions that can stop wild species from going extinct. It is important that we come together as a community and become advocates for protecting wildlife and their habitats.

Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trade

We need to respect earth’s wild species by raising awareness about animal cruelty and preventing it from continuing. Our party wants people to be aware of the issue of poaching and illegal wildlife trade. People have always relied on wild animals for food, clothing, shelter and medicine but today people are taking more than the earth can supply. Hunting at dangerous levels needs to be stopped because it causes many wild species to go extinct.

Working together as a community is very important to stop the over exploitation of wild animals. We can help stop over exploitation by spreading awareness about the negative effects it has on wild species, push for more policies and laws that protect the earth’s wild creatures, protecting and promoting national parks, and avoiding the purchase of items that came from poached animals.