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Justice for People Party


I stand before you today to make you aware of the battles our justice system faces. We need to come together as a nation and Justice For People Party will help us create a new beginning. Our party approaches topics that will aid to our children’s futures and provide homes for those that don’t have one while addressing the faults in our countries foster care system. The party focuses on making sure no one gets away with sexually abusing/assaulting/raping of another person by enforcing a minimum incarceration time for those that commit such a crime.  The last topic our party addresses is the fight for equal rights for women or all races who are tired of competing for the same wage against a male that does the same job. If you vote for me I promise you, justice will be served.



 Our Mission: Our mission is to help find care for the youth of today and make sure their future isn’t affected by the government’s decisions to place them in an unfit home. We as a nation will create equality for all women of all races and lastly I will fight for longer incarceration time for those who commit a sexual assault no matter the degree.

Our Vision: We will be prepared for our future and everyone will have a voice because no matter what your voice matters.

Our Values:

 Equality- Where no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation you are we are all equal and deserve the same rights as everyone else.

 Safety-  Our concerns are stern with the safety of our children, the safety of our well being and we need to secure that our nation is always one step ahead.

Accountability: Together as a nation all of our voices will be heard and we aim to make sure everyone is held accountable for their actions and accepting responsibility. As a public official  I will honor this and not turn my back on our country.

My main positions:


Decreasing the gender pay gap:

      The pay gap affects women from all backgrounds, at all ages, and of all levels of educational achievement, although earnings and the gap vary depending on a woman’s individual situation.  The statistics show that being a Hispanic or Latino woman against a male you make $3,000 less; as an African American woman you make $4,000 less; as a Caucasian woman you make $13,000 less; as an Asian woman you make $11,000 less; as a Native Hawaiian woman you make $6,000 less and as an American Indian woman you make $5,000 less.

In the case of how far of an education you have, earnings increase as years of education increase for both men and women. However, while more education is a useful tool for increasing earnings, it is not effective against the gender pay gap. .

When it comes to your age, it does matter. Female and male full-time workers tend to increase with age, though earnings increase more slowly after age 45 and even decrease after age 55.  Women typically earn about 90 percent of what men are paid until they hit 35.

When you vote for me I will fight to make that percentage lower and lower and make sure that all men and women are created equal.

Children without homes:

There is an absurd number of children in foster care, but that number does not compare to the number of children that get adopted which is not even half that go into the system. These children are our nation’s leaders of the future; why aren’t we doing more to help find them a stable home? Children are supposed to be adopted after a year of being at a foster care home, but most cases they wait several years. When you Google search about the foster care system you see pictures of happy families and all about how to adopt and yeah that might be the case sometimes, but you never hear about kids who have developmental problems or kids who may have come from an abusive family or a child who was exposed to drugs.  I aim to help these children find a safe environment to live in and a faster adoption rate; we will fix the system for the sake of the children.

Mandatory minimum sentences for rape:

The incarceration time for someone that is convicted of rape is not as long as someone would want them to be. In most cases some sexual assaults are not reported and we want to target those cases to earn justice for the victim. Some instances where people don’t report the assault is because they fear retaliation, they assume the police won’t do anything about it and in some cases they feel what happened to them wasn’t important enough to report. I want to put my focus on those that are feared to report it because no matter the situation if there wasn’t consent and there was force used then your case matters. 

Think about the Brock Turner rape case where he was found guilty of sexual assault on three counts. Brock Turner was released the same day of being arrested after posing a bail of $150,000. After going to trial Turner was found guilty on five counts he had the potential of going to jail for 14 years. The court gave him six months to confinement, but he was released after three months and then has to register as a sex offender. This case is a prime example of how twisted our justice system is. I believe that no matter how small the assault, if you’re an upstanding citizen, if you have money; none of that matters. We as a state and a nation need to put these criminals away and give justice to those who have had their lives taken away from them when sexually assaulted.

Rape is rape and should not be taken lightly.