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Reinvent the Prison System


  • Black men are 6 times more likely to be incarcerated the white men, even when charged of similar/equal crimes
  • Minority men are more likely to faces longer sentences
  • Most inmates regardless of race are from low income communities
  • Rich people commit more heinous crimes than minorities but are almost never incarcerated
  • White collar embezzlement takes away 92% more property than robbery and theft
  • 300,000 more murders in companies who committed safety violations than in the streets
  • 68.7% of released prisoners are arrested for another crime within 3 years
  • High taxes to keep jails open


  • Eliminate laws prohibiting ex-convicts from being eligible for the Pell Grant
  • Eliminate restrictions of ex-convicts getting occupational licenses
  • Improve after-care programs to decrease recidivism
  • Educating inmates on how to be a functional law-abiding citizens
  • Treatment cost 80% less than incarceration
  • Treatment with no prison time is cost effective (yielding about $18.26 to the taxpayer dollar)