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Immigration has always been a problem for America since its founding. Majority of Americans have adopted the attitude that is only citizens born in the country are allowed to occupy our homes and jobs. Immigrants have been migrating to America for the off chance they and their families can start anew away from the war or secession happening in their Native country. The welfare for all is important to us, but not others. America was built from ideologies of immigrants. Those colonist that traveled here all these years ago, were just a group of Calvinist immigrants from Europe. So if our colonist were originally immigrants in the 15th century, why do we treat the ones today with such hatred? Why, today, are some overjoyed at Donald Trump’s plans to ban our Muslim and Mexican refugees and immigrants? What will it take to get the American people to see that this is immorally wrong and something should be done? The Social Justice party wishes to help better the lives of our foreign citizens, by abolishing restricting acts and laws and also reducing the number of illegal immigrants. We want immigrants to have the same opportunities as we do today.How U.S. immigration laws and rules have changed through history _ Pew Research Center


Immigration has always been a sore subject for some of our American citizens. The constant argument on whether immigration is a problem has been here since United States of America’s founding. To combat excessive immigration, the U.S. began to pass countless number of laws.

  • Alien Enemies Act 1798, this act, “authorized the imprisonment or deportation of male citizens (ages 14 and older) of a hostile nation during times of war; the act was used during World War II, and today a modified version permits the president to detain, relocate or deport alien enemies during war” (D’Vera Cohn).
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act which banned Chinese, “[…] laborers from immigrating for the next 10 years and authorized deportation of unauthorized Chinese immigrants. Any Chinese immigrant who resided in the U.S. as of Nov. 17, 1880, could remain but was barred from naturalizing. The 1892 Geary Act extended this law for an additional 10 years and required that Chinese nationals obtain identification papers” (Cohn).

Not all of the Acts were acts that restricted immigrants in anyway; some were used to benefit either the U.S. or the immigrants themselves.

  • There is the Immigration Act of 1864, which provided labor contracts during the Civil War.
  • The Naturalization Act of 1870, this act “Amends naturalization requirements to extend eligibility to individuals of African nativity or descent” (Cohn). The Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA), this act made by President Obama allowed”.. young adults (ages 15 to 30) brought to the U.S. illegally as children can apply for temporary deportation relief and a two-year work permit. As of March 31, 2015, roughly 665,000 applicants had been approved for DACA.” (Cohn).

These Acts and many more have be created, amended, or removed constantly throughout the years as the opinions of the people change. Even so, this did not stop immigrants from trying to enter the country, whether legally or illegally. No matter how much we try to control it, there has always been an astounding number of illegal immigrants in America. Sometimes they are mostly concentrated in one metropolitan area. Why is this? Authors Jeffrey S. Passel and D’Vera Cohn explain that,”[…]the analysis also shows that unauthorized immigrants tend to live where other immigrants live. Among lawful immigrants – including naturalized citizens and noncitizens – 65% lived in those top metros” (Passel and Cohn). Recently, Donald Trump has threatened taking action against the metropolitan cities who did not give up the information of unauthorized immigrants, but most have refused.

Learn more from Pew Research Center’s How U.S. immigration laws and rules have changed through history


There are plenty of oppositions about immigration from U.S. Citizens. According to Pew Research,”66% of registered voters who support Trump in the general election call immigration a “very big problem” in the country”. Most who view immigration as a problem usually have conservative or republican political views. During his campaign, Trump proposed ideas that correlated with their ideas by proposing to build a wall around the Mexican border and the travel ban against certain foreign countries. About 35% of the supporters believe that Undocumented Immigrants take jobs from U.S. citizens, 50% believe “think undocumented immigrants in the U.S. “are more likely than 
American citizens to commit serious crimes”(Carroll Doherty). And when they were asked their opinions on whether these undocumented immigrants should be allowed to gain citizenship or not, “52% were opposed to unauthorized immigrants staying in the U.S. legally, while 47% said they should be allowed to stay if they met certain requirements”(Doherty). How can we get these Trump supporters and others who oppose immigration to change their minds?


While all this talk about statistics are spectacular, we need to focus on forming a plan of action. First we would need to first get rid of any laws, acts, or policies that make it difficult for immigrants to gain their citizenship. Some immigrants do not see it worth the time to spend years trying to get legal citizenship when they can worry about something else. If we make things simpler, such as reducing the number of applications and test they have to go through, it may encourage foreigners to want to legally become a citizen. We will also need to secure borders so that we may control the number of illegal immigrants coming in the country. There are many other solutions that can be useful, but we think these two are the most important.

Now that you have read the statics and our proposal, we hope that you are now informed and geared to help us fight this cause. We want to open the minds of the people and make them see immigration is not the real problem, while also fighting illegal immigration so everyone can have better opportunities. The battle is to get our nation to see the problem here and those who are in need of change. Are you ready to fight with us?

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