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Health Care

Live your Life as Healthy as Possible

Health care is a very important issue for us as a whole. Insurance costs rise as a person makes more money. That should not be the case. Everyone, no matter who you are, should be granted health care. We want to erase all the plans and make one simple plan for everyone to have. It will be so affordable, you will think you saw the wrong price on the bill. As we get everyone on this plan, and get it going, we will then be working towards free health care.

Not one person should be afraid of getting sick and going to the doctors. People will not have to worry about extra medical expenses when confronted with health problems. As we make the transition to affordable health care and then to free health care, the community will surely be better all together. Only 22 percent of Americans support reducing health spending. You would think it would be a top priority for most people. Saving money is always a good thing isn’t it?

Now I know what you’re thinking, “how can we make healthcare free”? It is going to take time to work our way up to free healthcare. For now, we are going to focus on making it cheap and affordable for everyone. There are 34 countries that are covered by public health insurance, and we, the United States, are ranked as number 34 on that list. As of 2015, the population of the United States was 321,774,000. There are millions of people in this country, and not everyone has healthcare.

Many people cannot afford health insurance, and for those who can, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel to take care of the monthly payments. With some health insurance policies, you are not just paying the monthly payment, you are also paying extra fees, medical bills from surgeries or procedures, and perhaps co-pays every time you enter a doctor’s office, emergency room, or emergency clinic. The United States is the country with the highest total spending per person per year on health, coming in at $8,362 annually as of 2012. Looking at the way we have been living in the past five years, that number has sure to increase.

The U.S. has many health care programs, including Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program, Obamacare, as well as many others. If a person qualifies for one of these programs, that’s good. But is it really? These programs do not give total coverage and people are still required to pay fees for certain things. All of these fees eventually add up and the outcome is unaffordable. These programs are put in place to help people out and give them some assistance, but they still end up paying way over their budget. Federal spending for health programs is projected to total nearly $1.1 trillion in fiscal year 2015. How is that even possible? What makes it so expensive?

The United States has tried to make healthcare affordable, but it just isn’t working out the way it is supposed to be. People are failing to make their obscene monthly payments and are falling behind. Some people choose not to have health insurance at all and just pay the fine at the end of the year because it is cheaper than having health insurance. The United States health care program needs help, it needs to change.