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Guns and crime

A tragic issue

You’ve just dropped your 6 year old son off at elementary school and said goodbye and have a great day as you have done plenty of times. A few hours later you receive a call from your son’s school, telling you that there has been a shooting, a 14 year old boy has opened fire. There’s a brief pause in conversation and then the school official proceeds to regretfully tell you that they believe your son has been shot and is in a critical condition. This is the call that Jacob Halls Parents, Renae and Roger Hall received on Wednesday September the 28th in 2016. Jacob later passed away on Saturday the 1st of October at 12:56pm.


Understanding the facts

At the people first party we will ultimately try to eliminate these cases. Gun violence in America far surpasses that of any other high-income countries. The firearm deathrate in America per 100,000 people is 10.2, and this is 300% higher than the next country Finland, which has a total of 3.6 deaths per 100,000 people.

Another prime example of the extreme gun violence in America is portrayed through school shootings. From 1991 through to 2013, Germany and Canada have the 2nd most school shootings with 3 in a 22 year span. America has the most with a gargantuan 55 incidents. That’s 52 more than the countries with the 2nd largest incidence. In other words, 1830% more than Germany and Canada and 17 more than the other 23 countries combined on the table below.

Our holistic approach (including mental health care)

On average 93 Americans are killed per day by guns. Of those 93, 7 are children and teens. That equates to almost 34,000 people killed each year by guns in America. The argument can be made that not all gun related deaths were acts of crime as 64% of all gun deaths in America are suicidal. In fact, in 2010, 19,392 people committed suicide with a gun, meaning that six of every 10, firearm deaths were suicides. At the People First Party we will work to establish mental health support systems and we will not facilitate self-harm. Our gun laws won’t allow mental health sufferers access to firearms. By tightening the gun laws we can reduce numbers like these over time.

Our priority is keeping Americans safe

The solution is simple, stricter gun laws will be enforced in order to protect people because safety is more important than anything else. Guns can still be purchased for hunting and target shooting, so the $24 billion spent by hunters in our economy each year won’t be lost. There will however be new laws to keep us all safer such as, firearms and bullets must be stored in separate strongboxes. Self-defence is not a valid reason to have a gun and only policeman will be allowed to carry firearms on them. Additionally, there will be a 1-year clearance process to become a legal firearm owner and random Police checks will be permitted to ensure there are no unregistered firearm owners with firearms. This change will improve our crime rate and make us a far safer country, which also will be more appealing for international visitors looking for somewhere to holiday/vacation and even foreign countries when it comes to doing business with the United states.

This is a system that the Netherlands uses which has been a huge success for them. Comparing their crime and death numbers to America’s might make you think you are hallucinating. The Netherlands’ intentional homicide rate per 100,000 people ranks 113th, whereas the United States ranks a staggering 14th. Although this isn’t directly related to gun violence it is a reflection of the violent culture that currently exists in America.

Achieving gun safety

The People First Party sees owning a firearm as a responsibility, not a right and it should be dependent on certain conditions. A criminal and mental health background check will be run, a safety course and skills test will be required and there will be a minimum age requirement of 25 years. All firearm owners will also be required to have liability insurance in order to protect themselves and those around them. We are proactively working towards a safer environment and this is an important step toward making America great again.