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Future First Party


              The Future First Party

“The future is ours. We need to take power in each person as individuals and find our voices and work together for a better future. ”


Our Mission

Our mission is to better our future. We will fight long and hard, if we have to, to restore this country. The Future First Party will govern proactively. We will strive for greatness, in that our people will become healthier and better educated. Together we are better. United we are stronger

Our Vision

Our vision, as a party, is to fix our education system, by cutting common core and lowering college tuition, provide quality health care for all people and to protect reproductive rights for women. We will work together to make a brighter future for these here now an those to come.

Our Values

Our values include fairness, unity and overall progression.


Our Areas of Concern


The Future First Party wants to implement universal health care for all people. Our health care program will give all citizens quality healthcare coverage. Each individual will receive preventative care and medical treatments from primary care physicians as well as access to hospitals, dental surgery and additional medical services. All citizens will qualify for health coverage regardless of medical history, income, or standard of living.

The Future First Party wants to make vaccines mandatory for all children under 18 that can be vaccinated. By doing this we can add to the list of disease and viruses to the eradicated list in this country. Children with certain health problems may need to avoid vaccines, such as those with live viruses, or may need to get them later on in life. Children with cancer or those who have received any kind of organ transplant cannot receive live virus vaccine. Children that are of age and are healthy enough for the vaccine will receive required vaccine. Future First Party wants ensure the safety of all children, so it is important that others are vaccinated. Quality healthcare will ensure healthier lives.

Human Trafficking-

Human trafficking is modern day slavery, and it’s happens everywhere, even in your home town. Our people are “being bought, sold, and smuggled like modern-day slaves, often beaten, starved, and forced to work as prostitutes or to take jobs as migrant, domestic, restaurant, or factory workers with little or no pay.” The Future First Party wants to reduce all forms of human trafficking and to protect victims of this crime.


The Future First Party will also improve education for primary and secondary schools. Common core will be replaced with technical teachings and hands on learning where it is allowed. This does not mean that all other learning will be replaced. Children will be separated by age group. We will reduce the hours that children are behind their desk and prepare them for the future.

As for those that have graduated high school, college is usually the next step. In-state college tuition prices will be greatly reduced or even free for qualifying people. The Future First Party wants to ensure better educated people being introduced into the working field.