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Freedom Ringers



                                                           Liberty Bell 2008.jpg            

                  The Freedom Ringers


Ladies and gentlemen sit down grab a drink and buckle up because we are going to introduce a new political party that will blow your mind. The Freedom Ringers are a left libertarian group that is more modern to accommodate growing trends and new beliefs. Now is the time to take America back and make it the great country it once was with the strong foundation it was built upon. The country is slowly falling apart and while great strides won’t happen overnight with the support of people like you we can make America great again as Trump would say. Over the next 4 years of the Freedom Ringers we will inspire people to go out and be the change they want to see, teach our children to be better human beings, and create a better future for them in return. America, this is your wake up call.

The definition of freedom- The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Here in the Freedom Ringers party we encourage you speak your mind and use your brain to make your own opinions and not just take any opinion handed to you.

                                                                        Our Mission

“Our mission is to get this country back on its feet, build a strong country on a stronger foundation and bring the country back up from its corrupt and dark past. With the support of people like you, we will fix this country.”


                                                                         Our Vision

“Our vision, as the Freedom Ringers party is to fix this country once and for all no more trial and error no more “we will fix it next year” no more excuses. Over the next 4 years of the Freedom Ringers we will inspire people to go out and be the change they want to see, teach our children to be better human beings, and create a better future for them in return. There will be a lot of hurdles and challenges to overcome but with the support of the citizens of this great country we will get this done. Our country will be the country we have always wanted it to be once again.”

                                   Pet Abuse


* According to the average number of animal cruelty cases each year is about 1,902. Of those animals 60% were dogs and 26% of those dogs were pit Bulls, 18% involved cats and 22% involved other animals.

* Top 3 types of abuse the top 3 most common are neglect or abandonment at a whopping 32%, hoarding in second place at 13% and shooting coming in third at 11%.

* Other animal abuse statistics include the number of animals killed in laboratories and the number of animals that are killed as used for fur that comes from China (However we are only currently concerning ourselves with what is currently happening in the United States and possibly hoping the rest of the world will follow our gentle lead). Our hope is to help protect those animals who end neglected, abused or harmed each and every year. A portion of our taxpayer money will go to shelters to help support them and increase our efforts
to get animals into much better and safer homes.

  • Those who feel it acceptable to abuse animals will have a much harsher punishment to help decrease the likelihood of abuse. Animals have no way of speaking up to help tell humans what is being done to them so we will offer clinics and meetings at groups and churches to help educate the public on signs to look for in abuse cases to help people become more aware and able to help animals. There will also be laws in place to prevent those convicted of animal abuse from ever owning another animal again. There will be no “fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you” they will not be allowed to own or adopt an animal again
    and for those caught with an animal after a first offence, back to jail they will go. There is no excuse for animal abuse.


                                         Death Penalty 

We believe that people with life sentences or those who have an absurd amount of time to serve like 140+ years should be considered for the death penalty depending on their crime, instead of taking up time and space in our jails an especially money.

*If they are someone who has commit a considerable amount of fraud or some other “white collar” crime but
technically have not caused physical harm to another being will not necessarily be sentenced. However
if someone rapes or murders someone or commits a mass shooting etc…. they will certainly be considered for the death penalty.

  • While this system is not perfect and someone will always ask, “What about all those cases in which someone was proven to be innocent after years in jail, you can’t releasethem if they are dead can you?” My answer to that is a grace period, people will not be sentenced immediately unless the crime was so heinous and it 100% provable that it was committed by them. For
    the rest they may be offered a lawyer if they feel they were so wrongfully accused and sentenced, after
    that grace period they will be sentenced to the death penalty which will be as humane as possible.


                            Welfare and welfare fraud 

 * Drug testing will be mandatory for all those who are collecting government assistance as those who are earning money and working are drug tested in order to even make a living.

* We will also look into fraud of the 25 top companies in America as well as the banks in America as they seem to be one of the biggest committers or fraud crimes.

* While money will be needed to invest in these investigations the money we will save in the long run are substantial and that money can be put to good use like public school systems.

* No longer will corporations be allowed to commit fraud which hurts our taxpayers. We will also look into pharmaceutical fraud like outrageous increases of medications.

* There will also be no more tax breaks for CEO’s and higher corporate people who make an absurd amount of money.

Commit fraud, go to jail!


Thank you for your support, here’s to the next 4 years America!