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  Freedom Party

   Land of the free….Or is it

            Criminal Justice System


      Sports Monopolies  





Land of the free or is?  This party’s mission is to give you insight on the in’s and out’s of the justice system, taxes, and sports monopolies of the world. Inform you about the racial profiling and how in some ways the criminal justice is corrupt. The taxes between rich people and poor people. And the sports monopolies that you may have didn’t know about your favorite sport.


Social security card and American money dollar bills close up concept

First Body Section on Mission, vision, values

These three topics I feel play a major role in society today. And I think should be spoken upon more frequently than they do on a regular basis. It feels like the criminal justice system itself has become a revenue collection service with problematic results. While taxes are showing a big division between the rich and “poor”. The mission is to bring the wrongdoing to your attention so you could be aware if you haven’t been already. My vision is to let as many people know until one day we can finally take action and clean up some of this mess that’s in America today. I value doing the right thing and making sure everybody get treated equally and fair. Regardless of Gender, Race, Religion, or age group. We are all one in my eyes and the goal is to try and make the country we live in great.

Second Body Section on three Issues

I’ll start off with the criminal justice system. Our mission is to open the eyes of the system to correct some of these wrongs, and get the right people at the helm. With taxes its complicated and have far too many regulations. You have progressive taxes which the rich pay higher percentage than poor. The proportional taxes which the rich, middle class, and poor all pay the same percentage. And then you got the regressive tax which the poor pay higher percentages than the rich. Too me its too much and they should just combine everything into the proportional tax to make things fair for all side. It would eliminate conflict from a lot of parties regarding the matter.

Monopoly in sports is suddenly a sensitive issue. People are saying that the fans are paying more for these sports every year. And some are asking is it

time for governments to intervene? Money is pouring into these sports because viewers

are couching up a lot to watch it. The race of the victim has a big effect on which crimes receive the death penalty. In regards to taxes its pretty unfair if you think about it. The monopolies in these sport are getting over.


My goal here is to not persuade you to change your behavior or opinions to these

topics I bring to you. But to inform and get you in tuned with the things that are

happening around you. Maybe u know about it, maybe you don’t. But the goal is to make

sure you do to be aware. Not only will I give you more detail the best way that I can. But

I will also give you facts to back what I say. And at the end maybe you’ll have another

outlook on what’s going on.