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Essay 1 – evaluation of data sources

Evaluation of data sources for answering our questions

Your first “essay” is more like an extended bibliographic annotation, so don’t think it terms of thesis sentences and paragraph development. To evaluate your data source, you can use extensive quotations from the site itself, as long as you link to the source’s page where the quoted material can be found.

Template to use

I recommend that you just copy and paste what’s below into your web page and then expand each section with text, images, and links.

name of site (linked to site), screenshot of home page

what it has data about: complete list of topics/subtopics
what time periods it covers
what geographical area it covers

for which of Factistan’s issues it has relevant data

who collected it: organization; url of web site’s About page
how they collected it: primary research, surveys, reports from other data collection agencies
how they present it: data sets (spreadsheets), tables, visualizations (charts and graphs), maps

how to use the web (if applicable)

how to cite the data source: MLA, APA, HTML (exposed URL)

Model to follow: The Gapminder page