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Equitable Party

“America isn’t  America without it’s people”

As the equitable party our main focus is equality. Equal pay for school, equal education, and equal treatment and opportunities for everyone in our country.





Mission: The mission of the Equitable Party is to create a just, honorable ruling government that will in return help improve our school systems, improve our way of life for all people including the homeless, and our health and food system.


Vision: We want to see America transform from great to greater.



We value integrity, fairness, equality, and unity. We also value “helping thy neighbor” and standing up for what’s right.




The Equitable Party wants to be known for making it financially equal for everyone to receive the same quality education without it being based on your social class and inability to pay a ridiculous amount to learn. Education is a major policy that my party believes in improving. Within our education policy we would like to make a better higher quality education attainable to everyone, not just the people who have the money to pay for it. We would also like to somewhat change the fact that there are a bunch of different curriculums that are being taught throughout the U.S., some states are more advanced and ahead of others and it shouldn’t be like that. As a nation we should be together and on the same page with certain things, education being one of them



homeless, hungry and people in poverty

Concerning homelessness in American  we plan to not take responsibility for certain situations but to help make daily essentials accessible to the people who aren’t fortunate enough to provide them for themselves. We plan to address the problem of fast food restaurants throwing out food at night compared to giving to to people who need it. People get into sticky situations that may leave them in a devastating and uncontrollable predicament. As American citizens we should not want to see each other suffer. With that being said we believe that housing should also be made more affordable for families and people without families as well. a lot of people turn a blind eye to things like this because they’re not the ones going through it. imagine of this was you, or your friend, or family member. We need to do something


Crime among the youth in inner cities and around the world is ridiculous. We believe that if you give the youth a purpose within their society then the numbers will go down. Instead  of defunding after school programs and sports, these are the things that extra money should be going to. Creating more job opportunities other than in the summer to keep them busy.

We have to invest in our youth if we want them to have a bright future that doesn’t involve a jail cell.

Create more mentoring programs so they can have someone to look up to if they don’t have that at home. all of this can potentially decrease the crime rate seeing that there wouldn’t be any time to even think about it.