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Education For Everyone!

United Voice of the People, Education for Everyone!

Everyone deserves a chance or opportunity, I must say, at a good, successful life.. So why not push for free college education for everyone? The price of getting or trying to pursue a college education is very ridiculous. It is said that students who took on the debt, but did not follow through with completing any degree are way more likely to end up behind on student loan payments.. How is that fair? They didn’t even get to finish what they potentially wanted to start. The Federal Reserve survey noted that about 16% of loan borrowers who did not complete any degree of their choosing or a certificate of whatever ended up being behind on payments they had to make. But then it jumps to about 21% of people who have no degree what so ever and are no longer enrolled in the program for which they borrowed money for.

  • 6% of borrowers who have completed their associate’s degree say that they are behind on student loan payments as well.
  • The percentage then drops to about 4% for those who have completed a bachelor’s degree.

The Federal Reserve survey also duly noted that almost 23% of adults currently are paying off some kind of education debt; and within that group of adults about 15% had education debt of their own, 6% had education debt for a spouse or partner in which they are involved with, and another 6% had college debt for their children or grandchildren. People are paying off debts that do not even belong to themselves!

Students are dropping out for many reasons such as wanting to work instead of going to school, some were simply not interested, and, or main peak of interest, some could not afford to finish or it was way too expensive, and some had family obligations..

  • 66% of students dropped out because they said they had troubles within their families
  • 57% said they did not complete a degree because they wanted to work instead
  • About 48% said it was TOO EXPENSIVE so they did not complete their degree
  • 25% said they were not interested in college or interested in the continuing of school and did not complete their degree

Student loan debt is said, well proven, to drive down the credit scores of students who tend to be 30 days late or more on making payments. Low credit scores lead to people not being able to afford or buy things of their own such as a house or a car, things they will have to make payments of for the rest of their lives. They will have to make payments which will then lead to more debt because of being behind on even more payments! Some freshmen who have dropped out could have an estimated amount of $5,500 in debt and some sophomores who dropped out could have an estimated amount of $11,000 in debt!

  • 16% of students who attended private institutions are behind on student loan payments versus the 6% of students who attended a public institution.

My plan to lower the worries of students all around the United States is simple. I again plan to tax everyone equally and have everyone pitch in their fair share of money. Students all around the United States deserve an opportunity to succeed and I want to eat away all of their debts left behind from going to school.

  • Americans owe about $1.3 TRILLION in student loan debt.. (About 44.2 million borrowers)
  • 2016 graduates owe about $37,172 in student loan debt, about 6% higher than 2015.

Students all around the United States are dropping out because of the prices!

  • 63% of college debtors never finished their degree, after re-enrolling into school for the second time.
  • The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center noted that of 4.5 million non-first-time students only about a 3rd of these students who re-enrolled ended up earning their college degree.

College degrees make hirers turn their heads twice. Having an education looks better and opens up more job opportunities for you. Although nearly 64% of jobs do not require a college degree, having one still looks better than not having one.

There are many benefits to having a college degree such as:

  • Make more money
  • Better benefits for you and your family
  • Better career offers
  • Job security and satisfaction
  • An investment in your future

In conclusion, student loan debt is a BIG problem across the United States and the prices of colleges are in a way hindering students from starting and finishing their degrees. Free college I believe will bring down those dropout rates and motivate people to reach out more and finish those degrees and make better of themselves. I want to help those who want to achieve their goals and become successful.