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Economic inequality

In America, economic inequality rate is higher than any other developed countries. The United States is in second place of the world’s economic inequality rate. A higher percentage of American population has an income less than $100,000.00 per year and there are also many people who have an income less than $60,000.00 a year. Those people need help financial support for their family. The value of products[goods] are getting higher. There are countless problems in household because of financial problem. We have to pay rent, bills, for food, and clothes. Minimum wage is not enough and I demand the raise of minimum wage.  I believe that raising minimum wage will help many employees [minimum wage workers] across the country. It will have a positive impact on them. I hope that you see the struggle of many people. Many people commit crimes because of financial problem in their family. People start to do illegal jobs to get away from their financial problem. Money have a huge role in human life; especially in the United States. In the United States, without money you can’t survive. You need money to survive. Therefore, I think that the Federal government should raise the minimum wage. It is their responsible to make such law and make its citizens live in prosper. I don’t know why we don’t help people those who really need help but we help people those who don’t really need help. Is it because money or is it because we don’t care? Raising minimum wage will be a positive change. We should think about majority more than minority. Minority control majority in this country and that is not good because majority are suffering in the hand of minority. Now, it time to let minority suffer what majority had suffered so that they will realize and have an empathy for other people.