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Day-to-Day Syllabus

Schedule at a Glance

Section 3 Tuesday and Thursday 12:45 pm – 2:10 pm in Main Academic Building 310
Section 9 Tuesday and Thursday 2:20 pm – 3:45 pm in Huber Hall 217
Office hours: before and after these classes

 in-classassignments due
17intro to the course and the course web

student introductions

your Eng 110 portfolio

formal email

Welcome to Factistan

What you know
19introduction to WordPress

politics, political spectrum

contextual ideas

24where are you on the political spectrum?

essays, the basic unit of discourse

introduction to WordPress

assign data resource pages


Works Cited

Evaluation of our data sources - "essay" 1
work on data resource page in class

finish it for homework
31Our data resources

Rhetorical modes: definition, cause/effect, process, comparison/contrast
evaluation of data resources
2review the principles for essay 2 - introduction to your party

globalization (country comparisons)
7the issues"essay" 1 - your data resource page
9questions and data resources for your party's issues

14introduction to the in-class partiesessay 2 - your party (introduction)
16introduction to the in-class parties
211st preference poll

Electoral systems

Policy positions
23quantitative analysis of your writing

evaluation of your writing according to the rubric
essay 3 - platform position 1 (.pdf posted to party web)

Academic Warning if not caught up
28individual conferences

12:45 Za, Bob, Harry, Jessica, Ed

2:20 Jamila, Lacey, John, Adavia, Troy
2individual conferences

12:45 Lauren, Katie, James, Johnecia, Henryetta

2:20 Imani, Connor, Hoang
7Spring Break
9Spring Break
14individual conferences
canceled due to weather
16individual conferences

12:45 Justin, Shelby, Xavier, Anna, Lais, Sabrina

2:20 Imani, Connor, Hoang
21in-class work on your party's web page

individual conferences

12:45 Jordyn, Codi, Hannah, Jaime, Brock

2:20 Jamila, Lacey, John, Adavia, Troy
essay 4 - platform position 2

Academic Warning if not caught up
23in-class work on your party's web page
28your party's web page

submit town hall questions
30your party's web page

submit town hall questions
essay 5 - platform position 3
4your party's web page

submit town hall questions
6party comparisons on selected issues

2nd preference poll
11party presentations / town hall style debate (both class sections are on these lists; I'll do the parties from the other class)

Social Justice
Prosperita Umana
Common Sense
Justice for People
essay 6 - your party's web page

presentation 1

if you miss class on your assigned day, I cannot guarantee that there will be time for you on April 25.
13Easter Break
18party presentations / town hall style debate

Freedom Ringers
Future First
United Voice of the People
Public Health
Human Issues
20party presentations / town hall style debate

Free Robin
Say No More
People First
25party presentations / town hall style debate

Equal Opportunity
People Over Everything
27Final pitch for votes - 2 minutes each, no questions

The election

What did you learn?
presentation 2