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Concussion Liability.


Concussions have been a huge issue in all levels of sports for a long time now. The effects of concussion recurrence in high contact sports such as hockey and football are deadly. Since the 2012 season there has been 1,211 concussions reported in the National Football League. That’s an average of 242.2 concussions per NFL season over the past 5 NFL seasons. (CNN) 

Football is the most popular sport in America, and athletes who have played American Football have dealt with the most cases of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. In an October 2015 study of 91 post-mortem brains of football players, 87 of them were found to have signs of CTE in them. (Gutierrez) That comes out to a staggering 96%. And what exactly is being done by the National Football League to help these players deal with CTE? Not much. Commissioner Roger Goodell has continually denied the link between playing and football and having CTE. It was only recently that the NFL agreed to settle a $1 Billion Concussion lawsuit to at least 3,00 former NFL players over the next 65 years. That is not good enough though.

It’s not just football that has dealt with concussions and CTE though. The sport of hockey has had the same issues, and a lot of hockey players have died from CTE too.






In the summer of 2011, 3 NHL enforcers (fighters) each committed suicide. (From Left-Right, Derek Boogard, Wade Belak, Mary Rypien) Boogard was only 28 when he died after being on percocets and painkillers.. His family wound up donating his brain to research, and it was found that he suffered from CT.



Our Plan:


Our party will provide athletes dealing with injuries throughout the four major North American sports leagues (NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL) lawyers to advocate for the players while they are still playing, and throughout their post football playing career lives. We will make sure the sports leagues are paying for their medical bills, and are held liable for causing the players’ injuries. We will get congress to create a law that will not allow sports leagues to raise ticket and merchandise prices in order to pay for these lawsuit settlements.


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