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Common Sense

Making common sense common

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Please stop what you are doing right now and just appreciate what is going on around you.

Are you in good health? Do you love the out doors? Did someone do something kind for you today? 

Now please think of the society you live in. Are you okay with constantly being manipulated by capitalism that makes the material things so important? Or making the people who are treated unjustly seem like that is just a part of life that you cant change?

Do you want to live in a society that is always trying to help the person standing next to you no matter what color their skin is, or whether they are LGBT? Do you want your grandchildren and their children to to be able to play outside and not live in a polluted environment? Do you ever want to lose a family member because they couldn’t afford to help themselves get better from a disease that they could have fought through with medical attention?

We are all apart of this country and we need to stop letting our own prejudices, and ignorance get in the way of the bigger picture.  Team work is a big factor in this party, you can do many things alone but together we can make progress, it is time to think about the people around you first and yourself second. We as a country are a team, so by helping others you are also helping yourself. Lets work together we can make this work, everyone has something to bring to the table the differences will only make us stronger. After we use our common sense to work through our problems. Think before you speak, learn before you act. It is time to make this country whole with the use of empathy, kindness, priorities, and common sense.  

Mission:  To be a country that leads by example through the use of teamwork and common sense.  

Vision   :  To be a hardworking country that helps others, is mindful of the planet, and always working on bettering ourselves. To make people individuals who create and not destroy.

social justice

Image result for social justice I do believe everyone is born somewhat prejudice, but to continuing to live your life that was is a choice. But how can you tell someone how they feel and what they think is wrong? If you try to tell someone they are ignorant they usually respond with an attitude. This is why we have to teach children at younger ages about other cultures. I believe by having policies that will make sure children are exposed to other religions and others cultural backgrounds will help eliminate prejudice.  School districts will have to start being more diverse, there will be policies to ensure this. By educating and familiarizing the younger generations with all walks of life will lead to more bonds and less barriers.

health care

Image result for health care  Lets get real here America. Are you happy with the health care you receive? IF you are let me ask you this, are you happy with the price you have to pay for it? It has come to my attention that we are far behind many other countries when it comes to this certain situation. WHY? Do you think that a person who works 2 part time jobs because they can’t get a full time job due to the fact that they didn’t have enough money to pay for college and they are just an average joe who didn’t have great grades and wasn’t good at any sports for scholarship opportunities deserves health care just like you? EVERYONE deserves the SAME health care. You wont like the idea of this but if taxes were raised we could afford for everyone to have good coverage. The government will finance 70 percent of health care costs, this should cut the average family (two parents and two children) cost in half.  No one life is more important than the next. Take one for the team and help everyone around you.   

littering & pollution  

Image result for littering  S.T.O.P  L I T T E R I NG. One thing I will never understand is why people throw their garbage on the ground, especially bottles and cans. Money is money and 5 cents can quickly add up. Any one who is lazy enough to throw their unwanted items on the planet will be fined a large amount. Until mother earth is clean we will have clean up days twice a month. They will be mandatory and garbage pick up will be free for everyone all the time. Bottles and can that are collected will go towards footing the bill for garbage pick up.

This is only part of the problem, business that manufacture anything that leaves a waste product will be limited. There will be many restrictions on any hazardous materials/substances. We will slowly start to move away from coal and oil, renewable energy is the way to go. Now there are such thing as electric cars. oil companies may have tried to stop this from happening but they will have to deal with the fact they are becoming obsolete and hurting the planet we want our children to live on. Yes there will still be cars for all you die hard car lovers they will just have to become environment friendly.