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Classic Party


    Do you want change? Do you want to be heard? Do you want a voice? I’d like to introduce you to my party named The Classic Party. My party falls on the libertarian left of the scale. We want to change America to the growing trends and changing beliefs. We will be focusing on a rise in minimum wage, women’s rights, and education. America it’s your choice we need a new leader and strong leader to listen to all and do what is best for America according to the needs of the many, not the needs of the few. If you want change, if you want more power to the people. Then vote for my party, give America a kick in the ass and a touch of class.



  • The mission of our party is to govern America with fairness and stability, hopefully making it a place where people can live without fear of America crumbling around them.
  • This party wants to make it easy for everyone to reap the benefits that America has to offer, not just the wealthy.
  • This party hope to lower the wealth gap, create unity within America before we try to create unity outside of our borders, once that is completed create bridges with our neighbors and try to help them so they can help us.


  • My party feels that connection is better than conflict
  • Cut military spending.
  • Distribution of power and wealth, we need to focus on what is best for the society rather than the individual.
  • We need economic stability, personal freedoms, and personal responsibility. Everyone should be included and not just the wealthy or powerful.

  • Raise minimum wage:Image result for raise minimum wage
    • We need to raise the minimum wage because that will help the poor to get money to support themselves and also lower the unemployment gap. The unemployment rate is the lowest it’s ever been which is very good but I’d like to make it even lower and I think making the minimum wage higher would help people get incentive to get a job. It will also help teenagers and college kids get more money to pay for bills, tuition or expenses that are unforeseen.

  • Get more rights for women in the workplace:
    • Far more men have been employed than women. When it comes to women’s rights in the workplace they make less money than men and that is unjust. “The ratio of women’s and men’s median annual earnings was 78.6 percent for full-time/year-round workers in 2016. This means the gender wage gap for full-time/year-round workers is 21.4 percent. Women’s median annual earnings in 2015 were $39,621 compared with $50,383 for men (IWPR).”  To make women have more rights in the workplace my party will stress the idea of talking to your co-workers about your salary, I feel at this point in time, workers are scared to talk about how much they make. This fear can lead to business taking advantage of workers.

  • Make education more affordable to everyone:
    • New York just passed a bill that makes 4 year state colleges free for students whose parents make less than 100k a year. If we lower the tuition of the schools in America and open more schools in lower income neighborhoods. College tuition is as high as sixty thousand dollars. That is far too high, most college kids take out loans and money to help pay to go to the college of their dreams leaving them in debt for the rest of their lives. When you are an eighteen year old freshman in college taking thousands of dollars of loans is awful and disgraceful. No new adult should be put into that situation. “2012-13 the average tuition of all institutions was 20,340 (NCES).” If we lower the tuition of the schools in America and open more schools in lower income neighborhoods.

   In conclusion, America it is up to you we need to make this land truly the land of the free again, with your help I know we can change America for the better for generations to come. We need change, We need new ideas and not old ideals. Vote for The Classic Party and change will come.