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Chance Party

Sabrina Sullivan

Do the unthinkable, believe in the unbelievable, be who you want to be


When we are little, we are asked what we want to be when we grow up. Some kids say astronaut, police officer, President, the list goes on and on. Those are some of the answers we receive from kids and then we think “yeah, just keep dreaming”. Though you may think dreaming is just for kids, it is not. The Chance Party would like to succeed in keeping the people happy, and not having to worry and stress about their health care, education, or even their own artistic freedom. If you give us a chance, we will make your dreams worthwhile.

Mission, Values, Vision

The mission of the Chance Party is to encourage people to go after what they want, to strive for excellence, and to be satisfied with what is in front of them. In the future, we want to see children have a passion for learning and going after what they want. We do not want people to have to worry about health care, or if they should be able to display their art, whether it be a painting or a song. Our values contain personal freedom, personal choice, and doing what is best for the people and their community.

Individuals will be able to express how their feeling musically and artistically, without being slammed by the media, or even having their art piece taken down because one person does not agree with it. When it comes to personal choice, we think about the teachers and their students. Teachers can teach their curriculum the way they want to, and in a way that is comfortable for their students. Educators know what strategies work best for their group of students. As we go forth, we feel the importance of community to an individual. We are all neighbors, in some way we are all connected, as our healthcare system will be. We are all one big community and we can not worry about paying medical bills and getting sick. We value our community and the people in it. We want what is best for everyone.

Health Care

Health care is a very important issue for us as a whole. Insurance costs rise as a person makes more money. That should not be the case. Everyone, no matter who you are, should be granted health care. We want to erase all the plans and make one simple plan for everyone to have. It will be so affordable, you will think you saw the wrong price on the bill. As we get everyone on this plan, and get it going, we will then be working towards free health care. Not one person should be afraid of getting sick and going to the doctors. People will not have to worry about extra medical expenses when confronted with health problems. As we make the transition to affordable health care and then to free health care, the community will surely be better all together.

Learning Concept


People want to see their children thrive and grow up with a good life. Children need school. These days you see many children dreading to get up in the morning to go to school and learn. That should not be the case. Kids need to love to go to school and be excited about learning. The same goes for their teachers. Teachers are told what curriculum that has to be followed and what specific way they have to teach it to their students. Every year there are many developments on the learning process. Now there is common core. Common core is making it difficult for students to learn and for teachers to teach. It is very hard to understand and no one is really grasping it like they should. Common core should be thrown out the window and educators should be able to teach the curriculum as they see fit.

Teachers know their students almost as well as the parents know their own children. They see the kids more than their parents do during the school year. They know what the best way is for their kids to really learn what they are supposed to. So why can they not just teach the way they feel is best? If we want our kids to really and truly learn throughout their educational career, we need to let teachers teach our kids in the very best way they possibly can. If we let that happen, we will see a remarkable improvement in our children’s education.

Artistic Freedom

Kids are told to dream big and to follow their hearts. What they don’t know is that it is not true in today’s world. People use their freedom in many different ways. A very common way to show their freedom of expression is through the arts. Whether it be through song or a painting, people like to express the way they feel. Taggers get in trouble with the law for putting up graffiti on an old or abandoned building. Is that really bad though? Most graffiti is seen as street art. People express amazing things through their art. Some may see it as something disrespectful and just downright garbage-like, but it is not garbage. A person’s art tells a story, and some people just do not see that, which is a shame.

The same goes for music. Some people do not truly listen to the words when hearing a song. But if you listen closely, you can hear that person’s passion and find the real message they are putting out into the world.

When a person displays their art somewhere, it is usually temporary. They are given a time limit as to how long their art will be displayed. It could be for a few months or even a year. When they finally finish the process of getting their work displayed, they expect to see it there for the length of time they were given. That persons hard work can be crushed within a small amount of time. A person could find something wrong with the art, or disagree with it, and they will petition to have it taken down. When the so called, “bad guy” wins, the art piece is taken down before its time limit is up. That is not fair to the person who worked tirelessly on their art piece. One day it goes up, and the next day it is gone. Why do we have freedom of expression, if we really can’t use it? Artistic freedom is a very important issue that needs to be put in the right place.


We are called the land of the free, but that is an understatement. Everyday we deal with so many problems that will not be solved. It is unfair to the people who work hard everyday, and still do not see the results they want. The Chance party wants to keep people dreaming big and to follow and achieve their hopes and dreams they have for themselves and their community. Expect to see the right changes coming your way from us.