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Cashonomic Party


We rise by lifting each other

Our Mission

  • Creating a more progressive place to live for all

  • Ensure financial prosperity

  • Protect the environment and our citizens

Our Values

  • Participation is one of the greatest things for society

  • Strength through unity

  • Having a strong education.

  • Saving our environment



You the people, your dedication, love, motivation, and hard earned tax dollars are what fuels this country. In order to give back to you, the people, your success is our priority. In order for the United States to thrive, the citizens must be taken care of. We will fight for a cleaner and safer environment as well as ensuring the safety For years upon years, citizens work hard countless hours while our government does little to compensate you. Your hard-work will not go in vain. You shall receive what you have paid for.

Our 3 points

Saving our Environment 

We rely heavily on our environment and animals to ensure our survival, if we take this for granted then humans will suffer as well. Animals are also living beings that need to be respected.
We, the Cashonomic Party, will do everything in our power to protect our home we call Earth to ensure the well-being of all forms of life.

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Reducing Violent Crimes and Street Violence 

Guns kill people, but people also kill people. We believe owning a gun is way too easy especially in certain states but people should have the right to
carry and own firearms to protect themselves and their property. With that being said, the safety and well-being of American citizens is one of our top priorities. Our goal is to create a society where you feel safe walking alone at night, don’t fear the task force, and can feel protected in your own home.

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Reconstructing Education

Education is the foundation for the future of our country, by maintaining a proper education for all, students will be able to find jobs or a career path that suits them. We want to make education more academically stimulating, affordable college for students, and as well as making school a safe place for students. Every student deserves an opportunity to achieve their dream in life and we believe that first step in through education.

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If you want to see our country prosper like never before, then we must start with catering to the younger generation who will be the future leaders of our society. In order ensure the success of our country, it starts with improving the educational system, reducing violent crimes, and saving our environment. Let us pave the way so these young leaders can guide our country to a better future.