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I believe that abortion is not the right thing to do as a human being. I also think we have no right to do such thing. I see it as an act of murder. However, in America majority of people think that abortion is the right thing to do. They claim it as their personal right and I don’t think it{abortion} as a personal right. If they think that abortion as their personal right then what about people out there who kill other people? Can we conclude that act[killing other people] as a personal right? It sounds like to me we can conclude that killing as a personal right if they think that abortion as a personal right. There may be many reasons behind the story[abortion] but there is always more than one way to solve problems in this world. If we only have one way to solve problems then we will destroy many good things. In America, we highly value Human Right but often time we misunderstand and misuse our right. We do what we want rather than doing what is right and necessary to do. We human being are very clever and at the same time we are full with selfishness. We don’t really think about effects or outcomes of what we do. We follow our feeling instead of thinking carefully. Human being manage to go to space, moon, make money, nuclear weapon, computer, and many other things. However, we don’t have the ability to create life. What we can do is destroy life that is already exist but can’t manage to create life. Therefore, I think abortion should not be practice or allow to women in the face of the earth because life itself is more valuable than anything in this world.