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The Republic of Factistan? Never heard of it, you say?

You’re not alone. Most people don’t know where they are in space and time. That is, they don’t know much about geography and history.

Space and Time

Space and Time

Of course, they know their local area and they know the date and how to tell the time of day. In that sense, they know where they are in space and time.

I mean in the broader sense. That’s why you go to college, to broaden your horizons. So by space, I mean geography in the sense of the rest of this planet if not the rest of the universe. By time, I mean history in the sense of thousands if not billions of years. In that sense, most people don’t know where they are in space and time. And not just now. Most people who have ever lived haven’t known much about geography and history. What about you?

What is the most important lesson of geography and history?

The world we know is not our only option.

In other times and places, people lived their lives differently than we do. They organized their societies differently than we do. All over the world, they still live differently than we do.

How it looked then

How it looked then

Will our future be like our past?

Then we can just keep doing what we’re doing. With that assumption, change is bad. Other options are threats and what people did in other times and places is not relevant.

Or will our future be unlike our past?

Then we have to know more about our options. On the assumption that you are in college to make a difference in your life and society, then you are here so that your future will be in some way better than your past. In that case, you owe it to yourself to learn about as many options as you can.

How many options are there? Too many to count or keep track of. You’ll never know them all, but you can easily know some of them.

The process by which options are chosen is education at the personal level and politics at the social level. As a person, how will you, and as a society, how will we, develop, that is, change. Which options will we choose?

What are you going to write about?

In this course, personal development is important. This is a writing course, an intensely personal skill, but you won’t write about yourself here. Instead, you will write about how our society is developing, the options for the future that we are choosing.

You are going to participate in the political process of an imaginary country:

The Republic of Factistan

Still don’t know where that is? Check out its welcome page.

Factfulness is the relaxing habit of carrying opinions that are based on solid facts. Why do you need that for your major?

Criminal Justice

Much effort in criminal justice organizations is spent on obtaining the best evidence possible. Our system of justice is premised on valid, reliable, relevant evidence.


When you are deciding on a treatment option for your client, you will be expected to use the data supplied by the countless psychological studies that have been performed.


The sports field is awash in statistics. Can you imagine going to and not being sure whether a player’s stats were valid and reliable? Can you imagine a team evaluating players on the fans’ feelings instead of the players’ statistics?


When you’re diagnosing an animal, are you going to believe what the owner said is wrong? Or what your eyes, ears, and instruments tell you?


Are you going to teach what you want to be true? Or what is true? How will you tell the difference? What will your grading be based on?


Every company has a web site that gets traffic. That traffic is automatically tracked, click by click. The data is then visualized with various analytical packages, foremost of which is Google Analytics. Will you know how to turn that data into marketing strategies?

Factfulness will make you better able to thrive in the organizations that will employ you.